The Fenix A320 is available to purchase

Coming just a couple of days after Fenix announced that they were moving out of beta, fans of the Airbus A320 can now get their hands on this highly detailed simulation by Fenix Simulations. And here are the details!

Ready for takeoff

It feels almost regular now that detailed airliners are launching into Microsoft Flight Simulator and today we have the very latest. Fenix Simulation’s A320 is out and its available for purchase now on their website.

Excitement is high and Fenix Simulations have updated their website with ample descriptions of the aircraft. Those include the offering of this A320-200 with CFM56 Engines, 288 working circuit breakers, 200+ failure types, and 181 free liveries. It’s quite a collection of features and that comes on top of what promises to be a very high fidelity simulation.

Here’s what they say in their description.

A feature-complete autoflight suite, including full lateral and vertical guidance modes, RNAV/RNP-AR capabilties, and complex route construction supporting multiple ARINC424 leg types such as Radius to Fix (RF) legs are part of the Fenix A320’s arsenal of features. A “physical” fluid dynamic and air-mass simulation is modelled, with thousands of working components from control computers to individual mix valves for the pnuematic system, represented – and all wired to their respective power source/networks on the aircraft, for an truly in-depth simulation.

Impressive sounding to say the least. And going by the recent live-streams that I’ve watched, some featuring experienced A320 pilots, it sounds like this one is hitting all of the marks.

The Fenix Simulations A320 is available for £49.99 or approximately $62 USD. Check that out now on the company website.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Fenix seem to have pulled off a remarkable feat. To have IRL Airbus pilots practically gushing over this addon is amazing.

    To then price it at unprecedentedly low levels is frankly astounding!

    If it continues to be maintained as a high quality High Fidelity addon, it’s absolutely a market disruptive product.

    Between PMDG’s pending $50 737-600 and this Airbus A320 for $60, even Value Leaders like Aerosoft are going to have to adjust their prices sharply downwards.

    And for devs like Hot Start, Leonardo, FS Labs and others, I don’t know what to say – I can’t imagine buying ANY of their products at a 50% – 100% higher price.

    And by extension, I’m also going to seriously re-consider what I’m willing to pay for the high quality GA aircraft addons from the likes of JustFlight, MilViz, SWS, et al.


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