DCS South Atlantic releases today (updated)

Yep, you heard it right, DCS: South Atlantic releases into early access today. The new map featuring an entirely new area of the world incorporating the southern tip of South America and the Falkland Islands is coming to DCS World.

Releasing sometime today

Eagle Dynamics have already released the trailer on their official channel and the RAZBAM Discord is abuzz as news has come out that the product is releasing today. DCS: South Atlantic has been heavily previewed over the last several weeks and is now moving into a state where it will release to early access.

We’ve already heard from RAZBAM that there are some enhancements still to come on the map. A higher detailed mesh for some of the mountainous areas is planned along with additional texture upgrades. There are likely to be some added buildings for the scenery too.

Meanwhile, the map is still looking pretty good if the release trailer has anything to say about it.

The trailer comes with this short description:

Introducing DCS: South Atlantic map by RAZBAM. A majestic combination of Argentina, Chile, and the Falkland Islands based on the present day. As a bonus we will be including a generous asset pack in the near future.

Update: It’s here

DCS: South Atlantic is now available from the DCS World e-Shop under Terrains. It is available with a special early access discount of $55.99 USD. The regular MSRP is $65.99 USD. The new map comes with a requirement of 66GB of storage.

Check out the listing of the new map right here.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Very late start for work today, and an early end I think. Gonna be flying later for sure!

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  2. Simfan says:

    Framerate is really great … never expected that after the ED maps of the past 3 years (especially Marianas and the Channel). But of course all these maps are so different and the South Atlantic map will be further enhanced still so who knows what the fully fleshed out map will become and if framerates will further improve or … the opposite ? I was so looking forward to this map (for years in fact) and I am not dissapointed ! DCS got another asset to boast about !

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  3. harryvoyager says:

    Very cool. Will definitely be interesting to see the reception of it. I know South America hasn’t been heavily covered in flight sims, and the Falklands conflict had an interesting plane set, so it will be interesting to see.

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  4. CanadaOne says:

    Had one quick flight before dinner, in the north of the Falklands. Mostly empty, but I enjoyed it. Going to work my way across the islands and then make the hop. No rush.

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  5. Glide says:

    It’s very beautiful, and smooth as silk.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Really? I’m having a different experience. Where have you flown and are you running 4K? VR? etc.


  6. Blue 5 says:

    Well, damn! Wife away this weekend. Hmmmm…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I know what you’ll be doing this weekend 😉


  7. ALA22_JuanC says:

    Good to get South America map.


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