IL-2 4.706 to introduce Ar234, B-26 AI

Get ready for another update for the IL-2 Great Battles Series in what appears to be a rapid fire series of updates that are adding new content to the IL-2: Battle of Normandy expansion. Coming soon are the Ar234 flyable jet bomber and the B-26 Marauder AI bomber. Let’s have a look!

News and screens

We don’t have much to go on, however, IL-2 Executive Producer Jason Williams has released several new screenshots and a headline that the new update is coming soon. Screenshots include new images of the Arado Ar234 as well as the AI only B-26 Marauder. The B-26 is listed as being a B-26B-55 variant – I’m not sure if we knew that previously or not.

Usually when these types of posts go out, we’re only a day or two away from an update. That may be the case here. Check out these and many more screenshots over on the IL-2 forums.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Now THAT is a cool cockpit!


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