X-Crafts provides update on new E190 with cold and dark video

Most sim airliner pilots seem to be in one of two camps. They are fans of Airbus or they are fans of Boeing aircraft and they tend to stay in one of those two camps most of the time. However, there are people who are interested in flying something a little different and there are a couple of good simulations of Embraer’s family of airliners out there that have appealed over the years. One of them is X-Crafts and their built from the ground-up rebuild of their original product is now starting to take on shape. Here’s the latest with a new video and some new details!

Cold and dark to powered up!

X-Crafts made a bit of a splash at FSExpo 2021 with their announcement of a whole new family of products aimed at simulating the Embraer E-series jets including the E190 and E175. These narrowbody airliners fall outside of the usual Airbus vs Boeing camp but their widespread use make them an interesting subject for a detailed simulation.

X-Crafts is reworking their first gen product with an entirely new development aimed at both X-Plane 11 and 12. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a big update from them (the last was back in February of this year) but now we’ve got one and its in video form!

The new video is both a status update and an example of the aircraft going from cold and dark to started up and flying the first part of a journey. The video gives us a good look at the exterior, the cockpit, and some of the systems start-ups with developer Marko giving us the low-down on what is and isn’t done yet.

Not currently present is the FMS of which there will be three options available including an authentic version, a Tekton FMS adapted to the jet and a default X-Plane FMS. So, everyone will have options! Check out the video and see the sights, sounds and systems of this work in progress project.

No release date has been given and the developers are saying that they will be keeping development timelines a relative secret until the project is nearly ready to go.

Want more? Keep an eye on the Aircraft Development Notice thread on the X-Plane.org Forums where the developers regularly interact with and answer questions on the project.


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