IL-2’s Me410 and Normandy map move towards testing

The final stretch of the road for IL-2: Battle of Normandy is at hand as the 1CGS team move the final pieces of content into place. Among them are the last remaining flyable airplane, the Me410, and the Normandy map. This week we got new looks at both!

410, Normandy map move to testing

A new update from Jason Williams, Executive producer for the series, gives us the latest insight into what the 1CGS team has been working on. Months and years of development has been paying off over the last few months as the team finish off several pieces of content.

First up, the Me410 which we now have our best look at yet. A dozen new screenshots show off the multi-role twin engine heavy fighter with various skins and tactical codes on display.

What we’re looking at right now is the exterior and Jason reports that the next diary update will include shots of the interior. Looking forward to that and especially to the complex rear gunner position.

We’ve also had it confirmed by today’s update that the Me410 is an A-1 variant but with available modifications that make it into a B-2 variant. We’ve previously seen a variety of modifications including gunpods so this should be a versatile aircraft.

It’s also an airplane with a much maligned reputation that it partially earned from the relative failure of the Me210 design as well as picking up some of those traits in the only somewhat improved 410. Quirky airplanes are generally bad for their pilots in real life but the simulator version should be interesting to approach.

Also on display are images of several airports on the Normandy map. Each one has a custom layout based on historical data and there are new textures on display for the various types of surfaces. Have a look!

With these entering beta soon it seems like we are just a few weeks away from their release into the sim. Stay tuned for more on that!

Read the full developer diary here!


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