Round-up of X-Plane and MSFS news that you might have missed!

It’s always good to do a round-up and over the last several days there’s been a lot going on. Too much to keep up with regular news updates so instead I present this round-up of X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator news. Let’s go!

VSKYLABS show off X-Plane 12 aircraft

Coming from the official X-Plane account, we have the latest images from VSKYLABS on their Maule M-7-235B project coming to X-Plane 12. Announced in November of last year, the Maule is the first aircraft in this dev studios line to be built exclusively for X-Plane 12 and is intended to release with a version 1.0 of this aircraft at approximately the same time as the public beta for X-Plane 12 commences. More information about VSKYLABS and their Maule M-7-235B is available here!

Orbx sales

Scenery maker and flight simulator storefront operator Orbx is offering a couple of sales right now. Their scenery partner Axonos is offering up a 20% discount on some of their content as part of their FlyJuly2022 promotion. Aerosoft is also in on the promo and some of their MSFS aircraft are up for 20% discounts as well.

More value for the Thranda Cessna 208

Thranda has a reputation of making some excellent products for X-Plane and their Cessna 208 Grand Caravan for X-Plane 11 (with X-Plane 12 support now planned) just picked up a major content update. A seaplane variant of the aircraft is now available for free as an add-on with their version 1.1 release.

Globe Swift from Aeroplane Heaven is out

If you’re looking for a quirky new GA airplane for your Microsoft Flight Simulator hangar, the Globe Swift by Aeroplane Heaven might be worth a look. This is the latest release from Aeroplane Heaven and it looks like a fun airplane!

There have been some issues with past Aeroplane Heaven releases but it sounds like this latest entry is worth a close look. My go-to resource these days for MSFS aircraft reviews is AvAngel. Check out the commentary and review below!

X-Plane 12 default Cirrus SR22 looks good

The paint shop for Laminar’s new default GA airplane, the Cirrus SR22, has been busy churning out a wide variety of different paintschemes for this aircraft. The SR22 is one of the included default aircraft in the sim and its looking like their texture work is ensuring that this will be one good looking aircraft on release.

New helicopter teases from Cowan Sim

A dedicated developer for helicopter simulation, Cowan Simulation have done some now classic releases for X-Plane 11. Their 500E and 222 helicopters are highly recommended by enthusiasts and now it looks like there’s a new project in the works. What could it be? Details will no doubt be forthcoming soon.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Someone said the Cowan helo is an AS350 because of the luggage compartment. Looks like a good fit.

    I searched some images and was able to find several shots of the AS350 with the distinctive notched tail rotor blade, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That sounds like a fun helicopter addition! Look forward to the reveal!


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