PMDG releases their 737-600 for MSFS with a low price

The short body PMDG 737-600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for purchase and it comes with a very appealing price for folks looking to break into the complex airliner market without spending a lot of cash. Let’s have a look.

Short body, low price

Available for $34.99 USD from the PMDG webstore, PMDG’s latest 737 release follows on the heels of a successful 737-700 release earlier in the year. The 600 variant of the 737 is a shortbody version of Boeing’s successful airliner. It is a lesser used version versus the longer body -700 and -800 variants.

PMDG is selling each variant that they release separately with the 737-700 having been on sale for a few months now and selling for a regular price of $74.99 USD with a small sale price currently on bringing it down to $69.99. The 737-600 is coming in with a spectacularly low price for a high fidelity airliner and is selling for just $34.99.

For that, it appears to come with all of the features of its -700 cousin. Detailed and customized flight model, high resolution textures inside and out, detailed modeling of systems, high quality sounds, and more.

It also is waiting for PMDG’s forthcoming PMDG-EFB (cockpit tablet), weather radar, and high resolution cabin models and landing bay interiors. These features are still expected to land sometime this summer.

If you want to get into airliners in Microsoft Flight Simulator, don’t care which version of 737 you’re flying, and want to spend as little money as possible it looks like the -600 is quite the bargain. Check it out on the PMDG webstore.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    That’s pretty cheap for a PMDG. The plane doesn’t really interest me, but it still seems very reasonably priced. Maybe they were able to carry over a lot of stuff from their other 737.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It’s an interesting pricing scheme. Yeah they are clearly bringing a lot over. But I expect that the -800 will command the same pricing as the -700. I’m guessing it’s popularity driven.


    2. Urgent Siesta says:

      Yep – as IRL, it’s designed to be as similar as possible to the other NG 737’s.
      The cool thing here is that this PMDG also was used to test & refine a new LNAV system that makes the MSFS 737’s far more accurate in that regard than anything previous. And, of course, it’s being integrated into all the others, as well.

      All of this would seem to bode well for PMDG being able to release their other Boeing airliners on much shorter timelines, too! 🙂


  2. t5s_blanco says:

    Love it – great price. There was that recent interview with the CEO in which he hinted that their model for sales was blown up with the -700, that it sold far more units than experience in the past would suggest. So perhaps there is a bit of that at play as well.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It’s possible! They made a similar statement when they released the DC-6.


      1. Redglyph says:

        The DC-6 they made for X-Plane 10 was not very expensive either, relatively to the other products anyway.

        Since I don’t own any other of their planes, I don’t know if that’s because there were fewer features and it was easier to model, if it was an inferior product, or if it was a new pricing policy. I would say maybe a combination of all that, at least on X-Plane where it didn’t come with as many bells and whistles, and it’s more analogue so it doesn’t have all the complex systems of a modern airliner.

        I see it’s 70$ for the P3D version, so the same price as X-Plane, but I think it was more polished in P3D. It’s not possible to check because they removed everything about it, it’s not even possible to download it anymore.

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  3. Urgent Siesta says:

    This was a shrewd move by PMDG that will affect the entire MSFS addon market (and probably for other sims like XP and P3D, too).

    Not only have they undercut ALL of their direct competition by a significant margin, they’ve placed this addon squarely in the same price range as any quality GA aircraft addon.

    This aircraft can legit get into and out of some ridiculously small airfields, the visibility out the cockpit is good, it hand-fly’s quite nicely, and is actually quite simple to operate if you just want to jump in a “hot” aircraft and go. I mean, Alt & Heading hold are just a couple button clicks away, and we’re not paying for gas, so why not cruise around sightseeing with flaps down at 2500 feet? 🙂

    So I’ve gotta ask myself: at this unprecedentedly low price and level of quality & fidelity, other than a bush plane, helicopter or bubble canopy fast jet, why should we bother buying *anything* else?

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  4. I almost regret buying the -700 for double the price.
    PMDG went from asking you to shell out 100$ for a base model to letting you buy the -600 alone for 35$

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It’s quite the range in price, isn’t it. I suppose if you care about the specific variant the -700 makes popular sense. But if you don’t and just want into a 737 of any kind… $35 is incredible. It might bust the doors wide open for airliner interest.


  5. Redglyph says:

    If anyone is interested, there’s a recent video from a 737 pilot. I think the overall impression was good, despite a few things that still required some work.

    Hopefully my post won’t be dismissed because of the URL 😉

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It came though. That WordPress spam filter is 99% a blessing and 1% a curse. Fortunately it was good today!

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