What’s next on the DCS: Mirage F1 roadmap?

A post on the DCS World forums from Aerges team member Vibora has given us some insights into the next steps in the DCS: Mirage F1 early access development cycle. Let’s have a look and see what happens next!

Improvements and updates

After the first few days of excitement around any module, nearly all of us stop and ask what comes next and it looks like the folks at Aerges have a solid roadmap of features that they are working on.

The roadmap is posted here and copied below for your convenience:

  • Autopilot:
    • Implementation of R and G modes.
    • Fixing oscillations in some regimes.
    • Mode logic, failures and tests overhaul.
  • Implementation of S530 F ‘supermatra’.
    • The S530 D used as a placeholder in some AI models will be replaced by the F variant.
  • Full implementation of the intercom (will enable communication with JTAC).
  • Adjust adverse yaw behaviour.
  • Pedal toebrake and control stick animations will be added.
  • Implementation of miscellaneous armament:
    • CC – 420 external cannons.
    • JL100.
    • Etc…
  • Implementation of countermeasures and jamming pods:
    • BARAX.
    • PHIMAT.
  • Radar:
    • BZ short range mode.
    • Different detection ranges and target visibility conditions in IC and HA modes.
    • Radar noise visual appearance in various modes.
    • Elevation control in V1 mode for 7 and 15 nm ranges.
    • Radar slaving of the IR missiles’ seekers.
  • Optical Sight:
    • Radar related symbology logic – relative velocity, range, correct display sequence with the radar tracking a target.
    • Gun sight is not correctly fed by the radar measured target distance yet.
  • RWR:
    • Addition of specific F1 RWR sounds.
  • New pilot 3D model with new helmet, 3 variants.
  • Improved external model textures.
  • Cockpit panels texture overhaul (dark cockpit) due to game lighting.
  • Option to adjust the speed of the fuel selection dial.
  • The Flight Manual has to be completed.
  • New missions will be added over time.

This roadmap focuses on the F1CE only and we know that Aerges are also working on three additional variants. In the short term, however, it looks like they are focused on bringing the rest of those features. I am excited to see the S530F bring some enhanced capability, some additional radar options, updates to the gunsight, and other miscellaneous fixes.

There has been discussion around the adverse yaw effects. This didn’t bother me too much in my experience, however, it apparently is being looked at. So too are some quirks with the AI flight model.

Their past project under the AvioDev banner, the C-101, saw continual improvements over years of development fixing and updating features big and small. It’s part of the reason that the team has earned such goodwill among the DCS community and so I have high hopes that this roadmap gives us.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Radar gunsight? It was my one let down with this module (and IDK enough about it to know it was coming!). Now will DEFINITELY replace F-5 in Cold War for me!

    By most accounts, it appears as though Aerges is not only following in Heat Blurs footsteps, they’re also filling their shoes 🙂


  2. butcher75 says:

    Looking forward to the version with aerial refueling . Something so very satisfying with a good AAR.


  3. Flyguy71 says:

    Mostly looking forward to radar changes and the S530 D. Thanks for the heads up they are in the works!


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