SWS provides an update on Kodiak, Dash 7

SimWorks Studios has a few projects in the fire right now for Microsoft Flight Simulator with an update to their Kodiak expected soon while they continue to work on their DC-7. Here’s a summary of their update.

New features and new aircraft

SWS reports that they are very active in the development of their current projects.

The wheeled variant of the Kodiak 100 is getting an update soon with the developers waiting on Sim Update 10 to arrive first before they release their changes.

Those updates include new modelling for the type’s turboprop engine with residual ITT now modelled. A cold start will be required with time allotted to cool off the engine’s temperature before a start-up can be attempted lest the engine be damaged.

These features will also come to the amphibian version which is expected to arrive relatively soon too.

Meanwhile, the bulk of their development time appears to be focused on their Dash 7. This STOL oriented airliner is a bit of a unique airplane and it has found its niche in some unique areas operating with companies such as Air Kenya and Air Tindi. Exterior work on this project is ongoing while interior work is apparently still just getting underway.

Check out their Facebook page for more information!


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  1. t5s_blanco says:

    Really looking forward to the dash 7! Happy to see the continued progress!


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