Aerobask updates DR401 for X-Plane 12

X-Plane aircraft maker Aerobask has updated their infamous Robin DR401 to X-Plane 12 standards and, as with the previous iteration, this is a free airplane ready to be downloaded and flown at any time. Let’s have a look!

Free GA excellence

When the default X-Plane 11 aircraft were feeling a little dated back when I got started with X-Plane, Aerobask’s DR401 came to the rescue convincing me that the platform had legs and that quality aircraft was what I was missing. It’s also made me a fan of the other excellent aircraft that the developers have put together with their DA62, DA50 RG, Phenom 300, Epic E1000, and Lancair Legacy RG all offering great quality. So it is with all of this in mind that makes me very pleased to see that their Robin DR401 CD 155 has received the necessary updates to make sure that it continues to be available in X-Plane 12.

The aircraft comes with a flight model by X-Aerodynamics, high quality sounds by Daniela RC (who also has credit for X-Plane 12’s sounds), G1000 avionics, 3D cockpit with VR support, 3D model with 4K PBR textures, simulated FADEC, and 8 liveries.

The updated aircraft comes with a few updates including new lighting to match X-Plane 12 standards, a new windshield and glass model with support for the new rain effects, and a tweaked flight model.

All of this comes to us for the price of free and you can download it now over on Be sure to download the X-Plane 12 version if you intend to use it with 12 or, if you’re still using 11, this is a great airplane to check out there too.


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