First impressions of Aerobask’s E1000 for X-Plane 11

Once I got into X-Plane 11 it was only a matter of time before I got into a payware module and after considerable research and a very good experience with the free Aerobask DR401 I decided to get a high performance turboprop to continue my X-Plane 11 world tour. After a couple of flights I felt like I had to write about this because it was such a cool experience.

What is an Epic E1000?

A high performance single engine propeller plane with performance that rivals late war WWII propeller fighters. Think the Spitfire XIV but with a luxury interior and seating for 6.

There’s a small yet defined market in the general aviation category for high performance single engine turboprop aircraft. In car terms these are a kind of luxury highway cruiser which pretensions of some sporting ability. Think a high end BMW or Audi and you’re probably on the right track. The two other aircraft in the category that come to mind are the SOCATA TBM and the Pilatus PC12.

The Epic E1000 started out as a kit plane that could be built as an experimental. It is currently going for type certification.

The aircraft boasts some impressive performance numbers that, coming from some of IL-2’s prop driven WWII aircraft, are absolutely unreal. Climb at 4,000 ft/min fully loaded is no problem. Ceiling is 34,000 feet and the range is 1,650 nautical miles. Power comes from a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67A turboprop generating 1,200-hp that helps push the aircraft along to a lofty cruise speed of 325 KTAS. It also seats 6 adults (which can be simulated).

If the Aerobask version, with its flight model programming done by X-Aerodynamics and verified by an Epic 1000 owner, is anything like the real one it has fairly sporty handling too.

Why this aircraft?

I have to admit that that sleek lines and spaceship looks of the Epic E1000 are a huge bonus for me. So are PBR 4K textures. Everything looks really good!

A few different reasons for my decision to buy the Epic E1000 G1000 from Aerobask (well… from the Store) which I will summarize:

  • Recently upgraded in 2019 from an earlier edition of the aircraft also released by Aerobask, the G1000 version was completely rebuilt for X-Plane 11 with all of the PBR and 4K textures you’d expect.
  • It’s fast and cruises at speeds and altitudes like a jet but it can still land on short runways. It also has a thrust reverser (called “beta mode” on the throttle).
  • It’s an idea aircraft to have fun with in X-Plane 11 and fly some significant distances quickly but also not need to feel like you’re lugging around a big airliner (no offense to the people who love to do that kind of flying).
  • It’s also an excellent aircraft to further refine my knowledge of GA operations while having the G1000 avionics which I am slowly becoming very familiar with.
  • I really wanted to send my thanks to Aerobask for their superb free DR401 aircraft. I’m still going to fly that type from time to time as well!

Next stops on the X-Plane world tour

Second time starting the E1000’s PT6 engine on the ramp at Kamloops.

Last time I left off I had landed the DR401 at Kamloops International Airport. The next leg was going to take me through more mountain passes in what looks to be worsening weather on the west coast so it was time to take to the Epic 1000 and climb above the weather.

Near maximum performance takeoff at Kamloops.

I set course from Kamloops to Banff airport and flew up to 30,000 feet in the new aircraft. Something that happened quickly. We were blasting along at a great speed and covering ground far more quickly than I had expected.

AviTab plus the E1000 give you a tablet right in the 3D space with the ability to read PDFs and gather data.

One of the coolest features is the integration between the E1000 G1000 series and the AviTab plugin which gives you tablet like functionality in the cockpit. I used AviTab plus the 3D representation of it (a 2D pop-up is available for all aircraft) to browse operating features of the aircraft while enroute and while parked. You can even bring up the checklist which is superb!

Soaring at approximately 30,000 feet above the weather.

I’m not experienced yet with ILS landings so I used the GPS to drop me into the valley around Banff that I’m already familiar with. What I wasn’t familiar with was the size of the Banff aiport – it’s just a grass field next to the Trans Canada highway. Not feeling confident enough to land the new type at that field I decided to press on to Calgary’s large international airport.

Having second thoughts about landing at the Banff grass strip airfield. Naa!

Climbing back above the clouds I exited the Rocky Mountains and flew the rest of the route to Calgary in near overcast though some breaks in the clouds reminded me that we were still in the mountains. This is great feature bringing NEXRAD radar and satellite information into the sim for real world conditions.

Leaving the Rocky Mountains and heading for Calgary.

Descending through the clouds I land under a low but broken cloud base at Calgary and taxied to the GA parking area. Fantastic work has been done on this airport by the X-Plane airports team and it was great to see all of the buildings where they should be.

Final approach at Calgary.

Next, I’m flying across the Prairies to Saskatoon, Winnipeg and we’ll see where to next. This tour is one of those things if I see somewhere I want to fly to – I’ll fly it. That’s the fun of an open world experience and this is superb fun! Having an aircraft that can kind of do it all makes this even more fun. I look forward to covering more ground with the Epic E1000 by Aerobask.

The Aerobask Epic E1000 G1000 edition can be found in the store for $34.99 USD.


A good first impressions piece is not complete without some screenshots and here are some of mine from the Epic E1000.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Michael Dwyer says:

    Nice little trip. I see some similarities with your new aircraft and the Super Tucano, and Beechcraft AT-6, since they all use the same general family of engines.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I hadn’t thought about those but that’s an excellent point. The power and performance here is definitely zippy! More than I expected for a prop.


  2. Mischiew Rithe says:

    Love the sound of a turboprop!

    That must be a pretty big fella to assemble, for a kit airplane, not like the usual little acrobatic 2-seater 😀

    Have fun!


  3. Schuultz says:

    Looks like a good time and and a fun aircraft. Are you using approach plates for your IF approaches? If yes, try the Castlegar (CYCG) ILS for some good fun.

    And if you really want to experience a challenge on your way East, try a VOR approach into Regina. Lumsden, the VOR, is 16nm from the airport – so even a couple degrees off course at the FAF and your lateral displacement is actually miles.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Having an absolutely amazing time flying this plane and navigating from place to place.

      I’m currently not up on ILS and VOR navigation. It’s on the list of things I’m learning along with better understanding the autopilot modes and putting together flight plans. I’m hoping this will help me learn all of this as time goes on.


      1. Schuultz says:

        So… what are you currently using to figure out your treck across the world? Purely GPS?

        If you don’t already use it, I can only recommend – it’s basically google maps for pilots. Change the map mode to “World Lo” (or World Hi if you go >18,000ft) and it will actually tell you official safe altitudes for routes – so you don’t have to guess your safe altitude if you find yourself in clouds.

        Beyond that, ILS really isn’t that scary and once you’ve learned it will most likely very quickly become one of your favourite ways to fly approaches in the game. Sims are never really all that great for “hands on” flying, but fantastic for instrument procedures.


      2. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Yep, GPS and I’ve figured out how to plot navigation points from my current location to the next airport. It’s a start.

        My approach is nearly always to break things into small chunks. I learn a little bit each time.

        SkyVector has already been super helpful and I’ve learned that apparently you can create a plan there and import that into the navigation system in the sim.

        I’ll have to learn a bit more about how ILS works. Lots of stuff to learn. It’s a process!


  4. Etirod says:

    Great report for a beautiful and powerful aircraft!
    I also bought the Epic E1000 G1000 recently and I have the same opinion about the qualities of this aircraft.
    This plane must be in your Hangars, guys!

    Best regards

    Liked by 1 person

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