X-Plane MCDU, DCS AI dogfighting and more in news round-up

It’s time folks for another flight sim news round-up as the last couple of week’s have been action packed and jammed with news that I haven’t yet reported on. Let’s round it up!

MCDU for X-Plane 12

Laminar research gives us a little insight into their Airbus style MCDU that’s currently in development for X-Plane 12. This will give X-Plane a native implementation of an Airbus MCDU similar to the Boeing style FMC that the series already has. It will boost the immersion and accuracy of the new A330 for X-Plane 12 while also potentially being a benefit to some future third party projects too.

DCS AI dogfighting capability update

Eagle Dynamics have once again turned to Growling Sidewinder and his YouTube channel with a preview of some dogfighting capability updates for DCS’ AI. The video is a follow-up to an earlier one where the BVR AI saw some updates. Now it’s the close-in dogfighting that gets a workover with Growling Sidewinder testing the AI in 1-circle and 2-circle fights.

FSA members get a discount on the Cockspur Mustang

Flight Sim Association members can get a discount on the Cockspur C510 – a Cessna 510 Mustang for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is one of a handful of business jets that have arrived in the sim in recent months.

Team Fusion Simulations shows off cloud tech for IL-2 Cliffs of Dover

Timelapse videos can always be fun and here we have Team Fusion Simulation’s showing off the movement of their new TrueSky cloud technology in IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover. It’s a good showcase of the technology as we can see that these clouds do move, they move smoothly, and they integrate with the terrain well.

Orbx’s P-750 XSTOL now available

Reported earlier in the week, Orbx have now released their P-750 XSTOL for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This looks to be aimed squarely at the bushplane market with the type’s short takeoff/landing capabilities and the ability to configure the airplane for cargo, paradrops, and more.

Check out the new aircraft on Orbx’s store here.

Parallel 42 scenery release

The folks at Parallel 42 have released two small scenery packages for Microsoft Flight Simulator with plenty of details packaged into a small area. Ideal for those low and slow flyers.

Aerobask DA50 RG X-Plane 12 support

Aerobask are starting to roll out updated version’s of their aircraft. The free DR401 was the first and now the DA50 RG is available with X-Plane 12 support. I’ve tried it out very briefly and things look really good so far. Plus their updated preferences control panel sports some new features too like the ability to swap liveries.

Updated World Update XI trailer

Many of us pointed out a few inaccuracies in the World Update XI trailer. Calgary and Edmonton were swapped and Toronto Island Airport was labelled as Toronto Pearson. Woops! A new trailer is out that correctly showcases these regions.

Tu-154 freeware

Felis have released their Tu-154 airliner for X-Plane 11 into freeware. The aircraft works in X-Plane 11.55, the last X-Plane 11 release, and has no planned X-Plane 12 support from the developer. Now that it’s in freeware, however, we may see some community members help it make the jump.

Cowan Sim updates

Cowan Sim is responsible for several impressive X-Plane helicopter modules and in a recent update has noted that support for X-Plane 12 beta 4 with the 500E, 206B3, 206L3 and H125/AS350 are all now available. X-Plane 12 is now up to beta 6 so further updates may be required as the sim is a bit of a moving target.

Nonetheless, I wanted to report on this as Cowan Sim has been great at keeping the updates flowing. Crashing issues across all modules appear to have been fixed.

That’s the news!

Now you should be up to date on a wide variety of sim news topics. I’m sure there’s more out there so if anything escaped this post be sure to share in the comments!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Love to see so many updates happening across basically all the flight sim platforms!

    …and to be able to get an update on the updates right here 🙂


  2. BalticDude says:

    I wish there was a Russian airliner in MSFS and that the gun and engine sounds in CLoD weren’t so poor and abrupt as if the mp3 file cuts in and out.


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