PMDG updates for the 737 and beyond

In the last few days we’ve heard quite a bit from PMDG’s Robert S. Randazzo about the latest updates for their line-up of airliners for Microsoft Flight Simulator. There’s a lot said but I thought I’d focus in on just some of the highlights.

737 updates

Let’s start with the 737-900 which PMDG are working on as a follow-up to their previously launched 737-600 through -800. PMDG report that this version is currently in the beta testing preparation stages and doesn’t yet have a fixed launch date, however, they are aiming for mid-November but this is not fixed.

Some of the issues with the 737-900 apparently relate to the 737 MAX although its a bit vague as to specific what.

PMDG also detail their efforts to bring an EFB to their products. So far, the 737 series that has been released has no EFB, however, one is well into development. PMDG are doing the same sort of thing that we’ve seen from other developers such as Fenix where the tablet will mimic an iPad like device with a graphical interface and the ability to connect with simBrief, Navigraph, and manage various options and configurations on the airplane. The PMDG Universal Flight Tablet will be common across all future products including their 737, 747 and 777 line.

777, Xbox, more

Speaking of which, PMDG are working on the 777 and that project is now apparently well underway. Ron talks about how the 777 they were able to gain access to for development was a mid-life aircraft with plenty of wear and tear so it will have some nice rough edges.

Finally, PMDG are continuing to tune and update their products. One of those areas is the flight modeling which they continue to tune and tune in relation to the recently released Sim Update 10. Ron did spend some paragraphs talking about how they are generally pleased with the direction that the sim is going in. They are also still working or waiting on support for C++/WASM projects on the Xbox platform which will help to unlock the DC-6 for Xbox and their other projects.

Read the whole update right here! Also, check out their post about the push of two updates for the PMDG 737-600, PMDG 737-700 and PMDG 737-800 product lines right here.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    They have also just released an actual version update. Available via Operations Center.


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