Orbx releases first X-Plane 12 airport and talks future roadmap

Last week, Orbx released their first scenery product for X-Plane 12 with the release of Brisbane International (YBBN). This together with their new X-Plane 12 library represents the first of what will no doubt be many new products over time. Together with the release we also have learned a bit about what Orbx is planning with their legacy products and we’ve got a tease of what appears to be a new TrueEarth product.

Brisbane airport and more

The headline from Orbx is that they have released their first airport. Brisbane International (YBBN) gets a version 1.1 update for X-Plane 11 and an X-Plane 12 release as well. Among the updated features are things like an animated monorail, updated custom mesh, support for the new Living Scenery Technology plugin, new PBR materials for objects and surfaces, and support for X-Plane’s new features like wet pavement.

The release also launches the Orbx Library for X-Plane 12 which provides a common asset pack for all Orbx products.

The airport is available for $28.96 AUD (or $18.15 USD) and previous owners of the X-Plane 11 version can get the updated version for X-Plane 12 for free. Nice touch Orbx!

Plans for the future!

Sprinkled throughout the announcement are indicators that Orbx plans to continually update and add to their X-Plane 12 catalogue over time. The Orbx Library for 12 is set to grow and gain additional assets and features if we only very lightly read between the lines.

This is good news for those who were concerned that Orbx was going to mostly focus on MSFS for the future.

Orbx reports that they are hard at work to update their products for XP12 saying that they want them to be 100% XP12 compatible. TrueEarth regions are, according to the announcement, on the priority list but may take longer to do than some other scenery as they want them to take advantage of newer features.

They also mention unannounced products and have posted the following screenshot as a teaser.

This almost immediately jumped out to me as the city of Brisbane. Looking around we can also see some ortho imagery in here. Is Orbx planning to do city scenery packages like they are doing with MSFS or is this a teaser for a new TrueEarth product covering a segment of Australia that includes Brisbane?

I’m excited to find out what they have planned! Stay tuned for future announcements out of Orbx.

Check out the latest update here!


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  1. Chris says:

    Unfortunately I lost access to all my purchases at X-Plane.org which was quite a big amount. German Email provider magenta.de t-online.de (the are the same company) are automatically filtering out passwords reset emails from many websites/stores.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That sounds like a big problem. Might want to contact the ISP and find some solutions.

      X-Plane.org does need to update some practices as well. Particularly around sending passwords in emails (if that’s what they are still doing).


  2. Chris says:

    I contacted the x-plane.org Store. Got excellent support, I regained access to my account.

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