VIRPIL Black Friday sales

Plenty of sales coming up over the next little while and premium flight sim part maker VIRPIL is offering some pretty interesting Black Friday sales. Here’s how you can save if you were planning to make some purchases heading into the end of November.

Stackable discounts

VIRPIL makes a bunch of high end parts for flight sim fans. I’ve previously reviewed their WarBRD base and grip and most recently reviewed their MongoosT-50 CM3 throttle. Their parts can get expensive, however, right now there are some interesting discounts on tap.

The discounts are stackable with 5% off a single device, 10% off two, and 15% off your purchase of three devices.

Visit the VIRPIL EU storefront or the VIRPIL USA storefront to take advantage of the sale between now and the 27th of November.


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