VKB sales are on too!

The Black Friday sales announcements keep on coming and this time it’s VKB Sim and their lineup of flight sim peripherals.

Black Friday sales

VKB has announced that they too are participating in Black Friday sales with a Tweet and via a very uniquely VKB style trailer.

Here’s the announcements:

On the US webstore I was having a hard time finding out what was on sale, however, the site may be slow to update so check your local storefronts to see what might be up for sale. The Australian store has bundle deals with some nice discounts lined-up which sound pretty good.

If you want to know a little more about their gear, check out my VKB Gladiator EVO review and VKB GNX throttle combo review.


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  1. Osskozzot says:

    In the News letter on the VKB US/Canada webstore they put an announcement about the Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale with a YT video posted on 22 Nov 2022.

    “Hi guys,

    Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale here at VKBcontrollers.com goes live on Nov 25, through Nov 28, with 10% off of all products, storewide.


    Probably explain why we don’t see anything on the store yet (its 22 Nov 2022)



    1. Osskozzot says:

      oups we are the 23 Nov 🙂


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