News roundup: C-47 campaign, two E-Jet updates, Volanta mobile, HeliSimmer interview, and more!

As usual, there’s an awful lot going on in the world of flight simulation these days and so here’s a round-up of some of the latest news from around the community. That includes two separate E-Jet project updates, the latest version of Volanta packing some new features, a fantastic interview of the MSFS team by Sergio at HeliSimmer, and a tease of a new C-47 campaign for IL-2 Great Battles! Let’s go!

Volanta 1.4 includes new mobile apps

Orbx have been steadily improving their Volanta flight sim companion application and they are now up to version 1.4. The big news with the latest release is that they are now coming out with the long awaited mobile app version. It looks like the app is going to be restricted to Volanta Premium users although that hopefully opens up to more users over time.

The app does have some interesting features (worthy of the premium featureset) that include remote pause for X-Plane, P3D and FSX where the sim can be paused remotely. Ideal for those long haul airliner flights.

Other updates for the platform include FlightAware coming on to power real world schedule information that can be fed into the app. There’s also a new Stream Overlay feature that will be of a big benefit for streamers. Smart to get in on that.

There’s more and its all described over on the Orbx announcement for 1.4. Release date is listed as “very soon!”

HeliSimmer’s interview with the Microsoft Flight Sim team

Sergio over at is nearly legendary in the flight sim community for his passion for helicopters. He recently had the opportunity to join in at the 40th anniversary event for Microsoft Flight Simulator and do an interview with the team.

This is fantastic interview and one that really shows the passion behind the scenes to make Microsoft Flight Simulator the best it can be.

Jorg Neumann in particular displays his usual enthusiasm. He also lets slip a tiny bit about the future with mention of the massive number of airplanes that they have planned or that are in the works as well as the desire for a longstanding commitment to Microsoft Flight Simulator for a very long time.

Dual E-Jet updates for Microsoft Flight Simulator

If you’re a fan of Embraer’s regional jets and Microsoft Flight Simulator, there’s a great amount of hope that we’ll soon see a couple of options to experience this jet in the sim. It starts with news that appears to have been scooped by German language flight sim news site Cruise Level.

According to the site, Flightsim Studio AG is working on a simulation of the Embraer E-175. This E-Jet is being developed in cooperation with X-Crafts, an X-Plane developer that is knee deep in their version 2 release of the E-170, E-175, E-190, E-195 and Lineage 100 for X-Plane. It also sounds like Aerosoft will be the publisher for this project.

Reportedly, there will be two stages with an early access version at a lower price and with fewer features and then a later release with more depth.

Then, if that wasn’t enough, the folks at Ouroboros Jets have also released a new E-170 update on their public Discord server. This open source team is also busily working on bringing the E-Jets series to live on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Their latest updates are focused on modeling detail which includes showing off laser scanned imagery of an E-170 cockpit that they have been using to model the details of their cockpit. They also talk about their modeling method to form the aircraft in sections so that they can easily transition from E-170 to E-190 by adding segments much the same way that the real airplane is constructed. Neat! This should be an interesting project to keep an eye on as well.

No matter what, if you’re an E-Jet fan, it looks like a lot of possibilities will be coming your way as these projects mature.

Gambit21 teases C-47 campaign for IL-2

One of IL-2’s best campaign makers is returning to the fold with a new project for the recently released C-47. You might have played his ‘Hell Hawks Over the Bulge’ or ‘Havoc Over The Kuban’ campaigns before and know how much love went into each of those campaign missions. Now he’s doing it for the C-47… an interesting development and something that should pump a little extra value into the C-47 itself.

A forum thread has been started up recently with the presumed intention of incorporating more teasers into the thread as time goes on. Check it out here!

More sale time for the CowanSim product line

Cowan Sim’s line-up of excellent helicopters for X-Plane are getting an extended sale with 40% off the current line-up. Cowan has previously reported that he is going to be offering updates of his existing products to X-Plane 12 as soon as that platform hits release state.

FlightFx releases their SF-50 Vision Jet for MSFS

Released this week and picking up some pretty impressive press coverage, FlightFx have just released their rendition of the Cirrus SF-50 Vision Jet for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This single engine personal jet is a GA airplane with some impressive performance figures.

The release packs WorkingTitle’s G3000 upgrade as part of the package, its own custom aircraft management system, deep system modeling, and what looks to be some impressive textures. It’s been released into the MSFS Marketplace for $24.99 USD and judging by their website, we might see it showing up on some other storefronts soon too.

IndiaFoxtEcho update

After some challenges with the SDK, issues seem to have been solved for IndiaFoxtEcho and they have submitted updates to Microsoft and their marketplace for several of their aircraft.

Here’s what they had to say about each of the updates:

SU-31 -> Minor update with sound package tweaks: submitted to Microsoft just few minutes ago, so it should be available next week on the Marketplace.

T-45 -> Flight model updates and minor bug fixes: plan is to submit it to our vendors during the next weekend.

M-346 -> Major update that will introduce a separate model for the M-346FA, additional functionalties and miscellaneous improvements and fixes: plane is to submit it to our vendors during the next weekend.

MB.339 -> Additional liveries and flight model updates: we are still working on it, release date TBD.

F-35 -> Additional liveries, bug fixes and improvements, and a reworked sound package – along with improved functionality/additional features for XBox: we are still working on it, release date TBD.

IndiaFoxtEcho on Facebook

As usual, a lot of nice updates from the folks at IndiaFoxtEcho on their growing line of Microsoft Flight Simulator products. Check out IndiaFoxtEcho on their Facebook for more updates.


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