SimWorks Studios provides end of year update, sales

Microsoft Flight Sim aircraft developers and scenery creators SimWorks Studios are just put out their final update of the year with some interesting news about their PC-12 and some status updates on the rest of their projects too. Let’s have a look!

PC-12 update and partnership

The folks at SimWorks Studios love to do regular updates on their projects and that makes it easy to see how their current and future projects are progressing. This end of year update gives us a pretty good look at some upcoming projects that include both aircraft and scenery.

The big focus in this update is on the Pilatus PC-12 that they are currently working on bringing to MSFS. They have just announced that they are now partnering with Fly7 – an executive aviation company that operates a fleet of 21 PC-12 turboprop aircraft. The partnership saw SWS team members visit the Fly7 base in Lausanne, Switzerland where they were able to get first hand experience on the PC-12 simulator there and have a close look at the aircraft.

The PC-12 release will also include the entire Fly7 fleet with some in the base package and other as free livery downloads. There’s quite a few uniquer liveries in there so this should give us a great looking set of aircraft to operate with.

SimWorks Studios have no release date for the PC-12 but report that they hope to make it available to us “early next year.”

They have also given us these renders to see the exterior model for ourselves.

More updates

A few days ago, prior to the PC-12 update, we also saw an update from SWS on their other projects. 2022 has reportedly been a tough year for the team with family and technical problems slowing development – a familiar refrain for 2022.

The Kodiak and RV-14 have been proven to be successful products for the team. That includes the amphibian Kodiak version which was also apparently received well! I take it sales are good and so they should be as the regular Kodiak 100 is excellent as is the RV-14.

The release order for new aircraft is intended to be the RV-10, then the Airvan and then the PC-12. These are all apparently expected in Q1 so we may see a bit of a product offensive from SWS over the next eight weeks. We’ll see if those dates hold.

The Dash-7 is mentioned but doesn’t appear to have a release date at this point.

The team are also venturing into military aviation with the B-52 Stratofortress. Three packages, the B-52B-D, B-52E & and and B-52G & H are planned for the future.

Scenery is also planned including their Okavango scenery which will be gaining 13-new airstrips. Maun (FBMN) airport, located in the same Okavango delta area, is also planned. Other scenery packages are also planned for 2023 but remain unannounced.

All-in-all, it sounds like 2023 will be a good year for SWS and for us with quality scenery and aircraft hopefully coming our way. After my experiences with two of their aircraft, they definitely have my attention in the coming year.


All of SWS’ products are also on sale between now and January 1st via their webstore.

  • Kodiak 100 Wheeled: 19.99€ (33% off)
  • RV-14: 9.99€ (33% off)
  • Zenith CH701: 12.49€ (50% off)
  • Okavango Delta: 11.49€ (50% off)
  • Maia airport: 6.49€ (50% off)

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