Fly out of the infamous UKKM Hostomel airport in MSFS

Scenery maker GazSim have a new release on the Orbx store featuring the now infamous UKKM Antonov-2 (Hostomel) airport. It looks like a great pairing with the recently released An-225 for Microsoft Flight Simulator so let’s have a look.

Hostomel and the home of An-225

Known both as Antonov-2 and the Hostomel airport, UKKM is or was the home of the famous Antonov An-225. Destroyed in February of last year during the opening stages of the Russian invasion, a pitched battle was fought at this airport and ultimately the An-225 was destroyed. The aircraft now virtually lives on in MSFS and this new scenery package lets you take that a step further with a detailed airport with some interesting features.

The airport incorporates 50 static and animated buildings, 2 and 4K PBR materials, An-225’s famous hangar with animated hangar doors, 10 types of Antonov aircraft are parked at the field in different places including the An-225 (replaced when you spawn at that location).

Setting the sim date to February 24th changes the scene dramatically to represent the status of the airport in the immediate aftermath of the battle there.

The airport is $15.18 AUD or about $9.98 USD and the store description says that 10% of the proceeds will go to Antonov towards rebuilding the An-225.

Check it out on the Orbx store!


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  1. kallem says:

    Very poignant.

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