Just Flight’s Fokker F28 draws closer to release

A new developer update from the folks at Just Flight is focused on the Fokker F28 airliner project for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Let’s check out what they are reporting.

Art and systems, the F28 moves a few steps closer to release

This twin-engined, short-range jet airliner designed in the late 1960s is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. We’ve seen a number of developer updates from Just Flight as their team close in on finishing this project for the sim.

In this latest report, we’ve learned that their team has been busy finalizing code for the “quirky” systems of the F28 and their flight model team has been tuning the performance for each of the included variants. Meanwhile, on a visual front their artists have revisited the interior and exterior improving textures, decals, adding a highly detailed cargo hold, landing gear bays, additional details to the engines, and speedbrake mechanism. New sounds are also in as part of the most recent build.

Just Flight also tease a new feature for the interior which will supposedly add an “entirely new dimension” – their words! It’s teased for now so we’ll have to wait and see what they have planned.

The update also mentions the beginning of a ramp up towards release.

We hope you’ll stay tuned to our In-development page and social media channels as we begin to ramp up the in-development content in the run up to release. As soon as we’re ready we’ll announce that all important release date for you all! Hope you enjoyed the update.

You can read the latest developer report here and keep a close eye on that space for more!


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