Carenado announce Cessna 182RG2

A new aircraft announcement from the folks at Carenado. Their latest is a Cessna 182 in the RG2 configuration. The less popular retractable gear Cessna 182 with its classic interior and avionics is sure to pick up some interest from a few folks. Let’s have a look!

Retractable gear Cessna

Carenado are adding another aircraft to their general aviation collection for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time its the Cessna 182RG2. You may be slightly confused as Carenado have already offered a 182 in a modern G1000 configuration and no retractable gear. This one is of a considerably older vintage and comes with the unique feature of having a retractable gear.

The Cessna 182 in this configuration gets a bit of a speed boost up to 186 knots and a normal cruise of 172 knots. Instrumentation in this model feature the classic six-pack array together with what appears to be a couple of different avionics packages.

As usual, Carenado don’t talk much about release dates. That said, their GA aircraft pipeline is a well oiled machine and announcements like these tend to mean that the aircraft is usually almost ready to go. Weeks for sure… stay tuned for more and watch the Carenado Facebook page for the latest.


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