DCS: Updates on Hornet, Persian Gulf, World 2.5, Rapier SAM

Early adopters of DCS World 2.5 have got two hotfixes in place to solve problems and an acknowledgement of a memory leak to be fixed soon. Meanwhile there are some small updates on the Hornet and visuals of an updated Rapier SAM site ideally used with the upcoming (and renamed) DCS: Persian Gulf map.

DCS: Persian Gulf

Same Strait of Hormuz map but with a brand new name. Eagle Dynamics has changed the name of their DCS: Strait of Hormuz forum and with it comes confirmation that they have changed the name for the planned map update.

Matt Wagner had this to say:

The change in name is for two primary reasons:

1- Gives us flexabilty[sic] to expand the map later
2- A much more recognizable name of the region

When the map is made available for sale, it will be abundantly clear of the exact area covered by the map.


So it sounds like there’s an overall plan for this region and that expanding and extending the map is a distinct possibility in the future.

The sense I have now is also that we’re not too far away from an pre-order and early access period for this new map. Has Eagle Dynamics already expanded it beyond the original plan? It seems unclear exactly what is coming and that some of the details may still be in flux.

DCS World 2.5 beta updates

While I wait patiently for the official launch, early adopters flying the beta version of DCS World 2.5 are putting out some stunning screenshots all over the web. DCS World 2.5 is breathtakingly beautiful and looks pretty good even on medium settings – assuming you aren’t having some issues with your old settings gumming up the works.

Eagle Dynamics has released two hotfix patches designed to address some issues with the beta launch.

DCS 2.5.0 HOTFIX 1

  • Fixed crash on loading mission with Bf-109 in VR mode.
  • Fixed CTD in “A-10C Sturmovik” campaign mission 1.
  • Fixed corrupted font in kneeboard.
  • The Grace Period will be granted even if DRM Server is down.
  • Fixed login issue in Steam version.
  • Fixed crash on mark panels added by scripting engine.
  • Ground unit will not shoot at targets if a friendly unit is behind target, in the firing line.
  • Flak 37 will not shoots below the target at short ranges.
  • Corrected sound of controllable ground unit in the cruise control mode.
  • Now you can delete missions or tracks with Delete key in the Mission and Track open panels.
  • Fixed CTD when static object destroyed by scripting engine or AI unit.
  • Changed tainted files checking logic.
  • NS430 – Arrivals should only appear once in the popup scroll window, transitions are chosen separately.
  • NS430 – popup window interferes with night vision goggles and has odd visual artifacts.
  • NS430 – GPS incorrectly activates flight plan when arriving at direct-to destination not in the plan.
  • Fixed launch type of AGM-84A.
  • UH-1H UN Pilot campaign. Fixed CTD in final mission.
  • CA. BMP-3. Corrected main sight appearance after switch to secondary and tun back.
  • Operation Piercing Fury Update to Mission 2 & 4.

We are working hard towards a memory leak solution.

DCS 2.5.0 HOTFIX 2

  • FC3 aircraft. Eliminated green dot in the HUD.
  • NS430 – approach data errors: KVGT
  • The ‘comment’ value of User mark panel via scripting engine will be optional.
  • MP server list. First 3 columns will not be too narrow.
  • MP server list. The ability to sort the rows by clicking on the column title.
  • Corrected air-launch Harpoon performance.
  • AWACS. Corrected “at bulls/at bullseye XXX” messages.
  • MP. F10 map. Nickname of client will not be displayed after client’s icon disappearing.
  • Fixed crash on cargo intersects with objects.
  • MP. Fixed server crash with transport.dll.
  • HAI : Game freezes when Mi-28 trying to land – fixed.

I haven’t heard too much more about the memory leak but I do know that users are having issues with the game crashing or DCS multiplayer servers crashing out.

Is this related to the memory leak issue? Not sure but its certainly ruining the fun as exemplified by this Grim Reapers video where a large buildup to a really cool mixed PVE and PVP battle ends suddenly (forward to 16:30 for the crash).

This isn’t the only time I’ve heard about it but it is the only one I’ve seen recorded in such dramatic fashion.

Eagle Dynamics is clearly working away on issues with the hotfixes and I would expect that we’ll see a few more before DCS World 2.5 stable launches.

There’s a lot going right with 2.5 but we’ll have to wait for a few more issues to be fixed before it goes out to everyone else. Looking forward to when that does happen!

A mini Hornet update

F-18-ED-screen (1)

We have just a small Hornet update. The team is working away on multiple systems including defensive systems, flight dynamics, the flight computer, INS waypoint navigation and more. It’s all necessary for the Hornet to be functioning well enough for early access.

In the meantime the Hornet still has its $20 pre-order discount. Although Eagle Dynamics has not disclosed numbers, it does sound like the response to this module has been very good and during the week I decided to count myself in by pre-ordering. I’m looking forward to flying the Hornet quite a lot!

Rapier SAM update

DCS World Weekend News brought us an interesting ground vehicle update. Though certainly important and necessary to fill out the world, I don’t always update on DCS ground object updates unless there’s something really interesting about them.

This week we see some beautifully detailed updates for the Rapier SAM system. British designed and still used operationally, the Rapier replaced a series of other anti-aircraft systems and was first used in the 70s.

This object is an update to the one currently in DCS World and naturally takes advantage of the latest DCS World 2.5 updates. It’s also been mentioned as being important for the forthcoming Persian Gulf map as the Rapier is used by Iran.

Cool stuff coming to DCS World soon!

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