RAZBAM talks MiG-19P, M2000C updates, and F-15E rumoured

DCS World third party developer RAZBAM has been pretty busy recently doing a bunch of different things and most recently they have been talking and showing the latest efforts on the MiG-19, the Mirage 2000C and, a rumoured restart to their F-15E Strike Eagle. Interesting!

Mirage updates planned

RAZBAM has a lot on the go right now and I don’t know how large their team is but they are surely busy.

The Mirage 2000C is still considered to be in “early access” at the moment as the module is not done. It’s awaiting the air-to-ground radar that Eagle Dynamics is currently developing the core technologies for (to be implemented on the Hornet) and there are still tweaks that many have called for with the module.

Going the extra mile on the Mirage 2000, RAZBAM has been granted access to Escadron de chasse 2/5 Île-de-France’s Mirage 2000Cs and recently they have been showing off their pictures from a recent trip. They visited the training simulator and got a close look at the squadron’s jets. Have a look on their Facebook page for that!


There is also a very interesting comment regarding how closely the M2000C module in DCS compares to the flight simulator used to train pilots on the real aircraft.

As mentioned on one of the pictures…

Our FM is very close. The only difference I could tell is the pressure needed to move the stick compared to our sticks at home.

Sometimes we really don’t convey the message or what happens behind the scenes that our FM was developed by an aeronautical engineer, who does flight models professionally.

Flying the sim, it felt like our FM. I had no problem operating the aircraft even with landing. Again I was surprised how much force it takes to move the stick. You even have to “BANG” the throttle into AB, we joked how this is a man’s jet. Something I wish stick manufacturers could add that tension, but then again with the force required to mimic the real aircraft, we would have to bolt them down to the desk. LOL

We went through a lot of things systems wise too. From AP, Radar, Fuel Gauge, PCA/PPA. Recording video with my Iphone not only the GoPro see here.

What does this all mean for the module? Hopefully RAZBAM will be able to use their trip to put the finishing touches on the M2000C module and declare it finished. As it is, the Mirage is an excellent module but some finishing touches will be ideal.

Strike Eagle?


A DCS World level clickable cockpit on the Eagle would be appreciated by many and the F-15E Strike Eagle variant would make for an interesting aircraft to have access to. The Strike Eagle could prove to be an extremely popular module if it comes to light.

I have memories of Microprose’ F-15 Strike Eagle II and Strike Eagle III titles which were superb flight sims back in the day. I had a lot of fun with Strike Eagle III flying missions in Iraq and over Korea with the F-15E.

Back over to DCS World, RAZBAM recently re-posted a link to an unfinished DCS: F-15E Strike Eagle cockpit that was posted in November 2012 with this caption:

A blast from the past…..And a sign for the future.

Check out the video:

Then we have a follow up comment details what has happened with this since 2012:

In case you’re wondering, this is an old 2012 video, when we were stretching our DCS legs, the cockpit we have (yes, we do have a cockpit already) is WAY better than what you see there, lots of enhancements, it does need some more work, but its almost there for coding, it’s too soon to even start an early access discussion, but in our own fashion, development shots will be posted in a regular in a not so distant future.

In one stroke, RAZBAM seems to be confirming that this module is now entering a stage where programming will begin meaning this isn’t just a pipe-dream but something the team is actively working on.

MiG-19P progress

Meanwhile RAZAM is also building their MiG-19 module out and we’ve seen a lot of progress recently with a textured cockpit and views of the external model.

The cockpit remains a work in progress as does the external model and things like the flight modeling. With fewer weapon systems and sensors, this module should be “simpler” to put together than their more complex Mirage and Harrier modules but it will still take some time for the team to finish work here.

More images of their work in progress MiG-19 module are available on their Facebook page.

AV-8B progress too

As recently as three hours ago, RAZBAM updated their Facebook page with information about the AV-8B and the ‘quicksteer’ navigation function, saying:

Quicksteer function enabled. Now you can jump to a specific waypoint, markpoint or target point (when enabled) by holding the [WP INCREMENT] HOTAS button for more than 0.80 secs.

You only need to select steerpoint type in the ODU and type the index number in the UFC. Navigation will change as soon as you click ENT.

That comes with a screenshot showing the navigation panel.


There are other small updates abounds with the AV-8B as weapon systems and various bugs are added and refined. The new nav mode and other in-cockpit systems are being tweaked by the team as they push the AV-8B towards being finished.

Some changes to the loadout are coming as well:

Folks after some review and with the advice of some people who are active in the USMC and work with the AV-8B N/A and Plus, we are leaving the following Maverick missiles in the loadout list: AGM-65E (Laser) and AGM-65G (IR). The other AGM-65 models will be removed.

They have indicated that the AV-8B only uses the E and F. In this case the G is a stand-in for the F until ED makes one for the Hornet. The G is an F with USAF markings.

I am not sure if the US Navy uses the K but I am told that the USMC does not.

Link to the comments on Facebook regarding the Maverick.

A few are, of course, miffed that some weapons are being removed but I know the quest for the best possible accuracy is something that most flight sim pilots are after. Good to see RAZBAM take the bold choice and make sure that the AV-8B NA is as accurate as possible when it comes to loadouts.

Having seen a lot of AV-8B action on YouTube, I’ve been pretty impressed with what I’ve seen of the module and comments seem to be pretty good on the whole. Except when a weapon is bugged and doesn’t work. When all is working, the AV-8B is a heck of a cool module and it definitely has picked up some pilots who specialize on this jump jet.

If a sale plus some bonus dollars come up, I may be forced to check it out.

Just some of what’s going on


RAZBAM seems to be biting off a lot of content right now. The AV-8B, M2000C, MiG-19P are all still being worked on meanwhile we haven’t even talked about the Super Tucano which we haven’t seen much of since April.

Gearing up for work on the F-15E adds to the load as does the news that their new terrain mapping team is working on a Falklands map. They have also been busy building ships and vehicles for Falklands and working on the VC-10 and a KC-135 with hose-drogue option which will later be featured in DCS World. The Mirage III is still out there and RAZBAM has been teasing us with another announcement too.

All things considered, RAZBAM has a lot on their plate and I hope they are able to continue to deliver some quality modules. The AV-8B and M2000C have both been relative successes as third party modules go requiring an effort to push them both past the finish line.

More to come!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. 79vRAF says:

    Shame there has been no news on the Mirage III, that would be a good one to put up against the Mig-19. Not sure whether there’s anything that’s a chronological match for the Mig-19, other than the upcoming F-4. The Mig-19 is welcome, but I’m not sure I’ll be buying it.

    F-15E is a very tempting one, especially if it’s not an FC3 level aircraft and it has multi-crew. I remember Microprose F-15 Strike Eagle, loved it. The first flight sim I had. Would be good to see some of the earlier 50’s European jets to go with the Mig-19/15 though.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I wonder if they have their team divided up on projects such that the MiG-19 needs to be out the door before they go full steam ahead on the Mirage III. Don’t know.

      Micropose did a great job with the F-15 series. I’m willing to bet that a F-15E would be a popular choice. Especially after what a solid job RAZBAM has done with the AV-8B.


      1. 79vRAF says:

        I think they do, but they’d announced the Mirage III before the Mig-19, but the Mig seems to have progressed a lot further. You’d have thought that they’d probably want the Mirage out for the Falklands map though. Who knows, when it comes to DCS things do not always work in a logical fashion! I’d expect one of the next announcements to be an early model Harrier/Sea Harrier from Razbam with an Invincible class carrier included (they’re already working on that).

        Liked by 2 people

      2. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Agreed. My constant critique of DCS World isn’t about flight models or systems modeling – it’s always the content. I’d love a more coherent strategy from the third parties and from ED.

        They seem to have focused on the MiG first and I assume they will come back to the Mirage III later.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Mischiew Rithe says:

    It would, indeed!

    The MiG-19 should be an interesting plane, but apart from getting frustrated while trying to reach U-2 planes, it seems it had very few opportunities as a fighter. It would be interesting in fictional scenarios against a F-100 or a F-105… which aren’t on the roadmap.

    So F-4E it is I suppose, but I’m not sure how those compare, wouldn’t the MiG-21bis be a closer match to this Phantom?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I’m not sure but I though the MiG-19 was used quite a lot in the Vietnam war. Not sure which model it was.

      There’s also the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War which saw the two fight each other. F-4 Phantoms were part of that too. Possibilities but not a lot of content there just yet.


      1. 79vRAF says:

        I think the NVAF had some Mig-19s but it was predominantly Mig-17s and the 21s, and not the type that we have.

        Liked by 2 people

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