There’s an unmarked airfield on the IL-2 Kuban map

A post on the IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad Facebook group alerted me to yet another Easter Egg. This time the secret is located on the IL-2: Battle of Kuban map and its one that has been hiding in plain sight for all this time.

Can you find it?

If you like hunting for treasure there’s a video right here that will help you find the airfield but it doesn’t give the entire thing away.

Want to know where it actually is. This is your last opportunity to stop reading before I give it away.

The airfield is located at SPOILER


Ok, you have a few more words before I give it a way. I decided that I would go looking for the airfield and using what I saw in the video it seemed like it wouldn’t be too terribly difficult to find.

The field is located along a Black Sea port that has a river running down the middle of it. It’s a familiar sight and there are dozens of similar ports scattered along the coast but this one looked familiar to me. It’s Sochi. Site of the 2014 Winter Games and apparently in the 1940s there was an airfield within the city itself.

In modern times, the airport is located slightly further east at Sochi-Adler.


This is a small field and a tough one to land at. It may be for this reason that the developers have elected to include it but not make it an active field. I had difficulty landing here and I suspect that the AI may have an even worse time of it.

If you want to have a little fun. Go find it!




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