IL-2 does solar eclipses?!

IL-2 community members DerSheriff and LF_Manu has noticed a small feature in the IL-2 series that I and many others were not previously aware of – solar eclipses. At this point you may be saying to yourself… Really? I can confirm that yes it does!

21.09.1941 at 06:15


If you hit September 21, 1941 at 06:15 in a custom mission or a career mission and look up at the sky, you’ll see that the sun is partially or almost fully obscured by the moon.

I’ve previously written about how IL-2 has a realistic night sky and that it even has a realistic effect of twinkling stars and this appears to be in that same vein of having a realistic simulation of the sky.

This is an incredible attention to detail that I just never expected and am overjoyed to write about. This is what separates a game from a simulation where the developers pay attention to details like a realistic night sky but then also take it to that next level so that the simulation even takes into account something like this.

In-case you’re wondering, yes indeed a solar eclipse did happen on this date.


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