New DCS: F/A-18 datalink info, mission of the week

A couple of new updates are coming out from Matt Wagner in the Hornet mini-updates this week with news about the DCS: F/A-18C’s datalink and with a brand new mission for people to play.

Datalink capabilities explained

The latest feature update from Matt Wagner is the datalink system for the F/A-18C which is not only a feature for the F/A-18C but a whole API system that Eagle Dynamics is currently programming into DCS World. The datalink will become a feature for future modules such as the DCS: F-16C and no doubt many others that have datalink abilities.

Lots of new symbology to understand for the Hornet’s datalink screen.

The datalink is something that is, to the best of my knowledge, something that is fairly new to combat flight simulation (any BMS fans know if the Link 16 system is fully implemented there?). In any case, this is a new feature for DCS World and one that brings with it a lot of capability for the aircraft that are equipped with it.

Datalink gives the equipped aircraft the ability to receive and transmit sensor information. It gives an unprecedented level of situational awareness bringing together both your own radar and that of other jets nearby and even a linked AWACS.

The new update from Matt Wagner goes into depth and detail on the symbology and features of the datalink screen. The detail on the datalink extensive so I suggest checking it out if you’re interested now or wait for new academic videos from Matt which are planned for the future.

Magnum Force mission

The mission of the week coming from Matt Wagner is called “Magnum Force” and this is a Caucasus based SEAD mission. Two flights of L-39s and A-10s are striking a railyard target near Maykop and enemy road traffic.

Here are some of the mission briefing screens for you to study prior to flying the mission.

Details for this new mission of the week are available on the thread for mini-Hornet updates.

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  1. Capt. Zoomy says:

    There is actually a limited data link capability in the Blacks Shark module. As far as I know it is only Ka-52 to Ka-52, and doesn’t communicate with any other aircraft.

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  2. Capt. Zoomy says:

    Here is a link to an Eagle Dynamics created video on the Ka-52 data link if you’re interested in it.

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  3. Capt. Zoomy says:

    I guess there is also a (even more) limited datalink capability in the Su-27/33 aircraft in DCS

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      All good points Zoomy! I forgot about the Su-27 and didn’t know about the Ka-50. I think the A-10C actually has a datalink of some kind too – my understanding is the work here is MUCH more extensive.


  4. Arzhang says:

    Hi CAP,
    Is it possible for you to make a tutorial about Data link yourself? for some reason I understand better when you explain things, thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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