Around the block in the DCS: MiG-19 – Improved!

My flight time has been seriously curtailed in the last few weeks on account of absolutely everything else. Tonight, however, I was able to get a little flight time in a few of the different aircraft that I have and one of them was the DCS: MiG-19. There’s some notable changes since the last time I reported on it in my first impressions piece and I wanted to share my quick flight around the block.

Flying better now

The MiG-19 on launch felt a little artificial – like I was flying with a fly by wire aircraft except even that didn’t capture it properly. The Hornet’s system for example keeps you under control but there’s still those little asymmetric and opposite movements. Back to the MiG-19 where the roll rate, turn rate, and pretty much everything when it came to the edge of the envelope felt off. It wasn’t the most auspicious start and I wrote extensively about that in my initial impressions piece.

That’s all changed now as the latest Open Beta update brings with it some important improvements to the MiG-19.

The patch notes list a bunch of updates but the one that doesn’t appear on the list is the flight model and I think that’s the biggest change. Stalls and spins are now something that can happen. The roll rate seems a little more realistic too. The whole feel of the aircraft has changed in some important ways and you can feel a little yaw instability and adverse roll effects at various points. It doesn’t feel overdone either but rather a series of subtle changes that makes the MiG-19 feel alive.

A few users have pointed out that there are still some issues here and it’s my hope that we’ll see those tackled. Still, we’ve taken some leaps forward and I don’t want to diminish that. This is a big improvement from my perspective.

A note on the cockpit

The MiG-19’s cockpit was also far too dark and that made working with it more difficult than it should have been. That has changed for the better with a lighting update. Things are looking pretty good now!

You can see in the above comparison the old and new. While the lighting isn’t exactly the same, its still evident how much brighter the shadow areas are. This still looks good and its more usable in the same breath. Nicely done RAZBAM.

Other thoughts

This was just a spin around the block and its clear to me that the MiG-19 has seen some improvements that tackle some of the biggest problems I’ve had with the module. RAZBAM has worked to improve these and do them in a relatively short period of time and I’m pleased to see the effort going in here.

It’s not just effort but progress that we’re seeing and definitely some results. Does this completely solve the MiG-19s problems? No, not quite but I think this goes a ways towards it being a solid purchase. Keep doing good things here RAZBAM!

In other news, I did some more F-14 flying. This weekend I hope to get enough stick time to finally write my first impressions piece on that module. Stay tuned for that!

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  1. Eviscerador says:

    Meanwhile the Harrier is still collecting dust in the hangar of the cursed and forgotten with bugs reported for months and still not solved.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      As much as I understand the frustration with the agonizingly slow Harrier progress… I just reported on some recent updates and there were a few with this last patch. Fixing the TPOD issue has been on my list for a while for sure. Anything in your top 3 that you want to see fixed?

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      1. Eviscerador says:

        Well, for starters I’d like the content that was promised, like Data Link, JDAMs, more TPOD functionality, Markpoints, MGRS coordinates on the NAV system…

        Even the hornet has overtaken the harrier content wise even if it was released much later.

        The flight model is all right, as it is most of the weapon deliveries, but as it is now is almost FC3 level of detail concerning the systems.

        Concerning the bugs, I have to admit that the BIG ones are mostly solved, but for much I’d like to fly the Farmer, I won’t buy anything else from Razbam till they fix and complete the harrier.

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      2. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Totally understandable. I am pleased that there is at least some progress on the Harrier… it’s getting there.

        The JDAMs, improving the TPOD further, etc are all definitely stuff I think everyone want to see. I am curious about the datalink. Does the AV-8B have one? I did some Googling and didn’t find much except that some late model versions (real life) may receive one as part of an upgrade.


  2. Mischiew Rithe says:

    Thanks for the update! I had a look at the change log and indeed I thought the flight model hadn’t been updated so I didn’t even try… But there is enough to learn with the Tomcat in the mean time anyway.

    I’m very pleased with those two recent additions, the first supersonic Russian jet and the pinnacle of the US cold-era fighters (or even the fighters in general, before they became fly-by-wire and equipped with highly computerized systems). And at the same time, the Hornet is getting more and more complete, it’s a good time for DCS.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Definitely a good time for DCS! I’m feeling much better about the MiG-19 after this last update. It feels much more like a real aircraft and it looks like they have been able to get within a couple of percentage points on the data they have for the MiG-19 so this is all very encouraging. They need to seal the deal and finish it up but I’m very happy with the module now.

      There’s lots to dig into right now as well. I’m hoping to start to feel semi-competent with the F-14 soon.


  3. Blue 5 says:

    The Harrier nav system bug is pretty annoying and is the most frequent issue that I have with it.

    Might buy the MiG-19 on sale one day but I have yet to spend much time in the F-14. Did some flat-spin recovery flights: I recommend a lot of height!


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