IL-2’s latest hangar addition references ‘Victory Day’

If you’ve logged into your IL-2: Great Battles account any time in the last couple of days, you’ll notice that there’s a new object in the hangar. This IL-2 mounted on a pedestal is a reference to May 9 Victory Day celebrations marking the end of World War II in the former Soviet Union and modern day Russia.

Another cool ‘Easter egg’

Software developers have been inserting small fun additions to their titles for a very long time and the IL-2 developers have recently gone about adding things like a Christmas tree with lights to mark the holiday and then more recently with Cosmonaut day on April 12.

This one, as mentioned above, is Victory Day which is similar to Victory Europe (V-E day) celebrated in the West on May 8th. The IL-2 on a pedestal is probably fitting both for a series that is closely connected with that aircraft and because of the significant mark made on history by the type.

Check out the Victory day celebration in the hangar

Here’s the two previous additions to the hangar.


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