Update on Flying Circus server events

One of the great things about the IL-2, Rise of Flight and Flying Circus is the strength of the communities that make all of these into something special. There’s a bunch of regular events now happening on a near weekly basis that you may want to be aware of if you’re a Flying Circus Vol 1 owner and want in some of the multiplayer activity going on.

Furballs and flyins

Nearly every weekend there are now multiplayer events going on that are open to everyone who wants to join in.

Friday Flyin

The first event of the weekend is the ‘Friday Flyin’ which is typically hosted on the Flugpark Server with new missions provided by OG_FC. Typically that’s 19:00 to 00:00 Greenwich Mean Time or 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm Eastern.

It’s an open event and everyone is welcome to join in. There’s more information on the IL-2: Great Battles Series forum.

Flying Circus Furball

Sunday is the Flying Circus Furball and this is once again a public event that’s open to everyone. I’ve been to a few of these and they are great fun! This is a purely dogfight oriented event with no other objectives, 90 minutes a map, and a solid rotation of scenarios to keep things fresh.

Servers used are typically Jasta 5 Flying Circus Dogfight Server

More information can be found about the weekly Furball right here.

Get involved

Though player numbers for the Flying Circus community remain small, they are growing, and even when they are small things get concentrated into some amazing events with these community organized Friday and Sunday events. They are worth checking out!

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