Five minutes with the S.E.5a and Albatross D.Va

I spent a lot of time flying and talking at the 1CGS booth today. I’ve got much more to share but I wanted to share a few thoughts about two new aircraft coming to Flying Circus Vol 1. I only had a few minutes with them so this is less first impressions that I usually do and more or a five minute take.

The ace makers

Both S.E.5a and Albatross D.Va have reputations for being excellent aircraft. These were popular with their pilots and the mounts of many aces. In a lot of ways there isn’t much to write about them but here’s a few things I noticed.

The S.E.5a is a wonderful fighter. It has few if any vices for a WWI scout and I found it simple and intuitive to fly. Even on a rig that I barely know. The interesting point is the split gun arrangement with one machine gun on the port side nose and the other mounted above the wing. This makes it a bit harder to aim – though it does let you aim the top gun up for dealing with pesky bombers and recon aircraft.

The Albatross D.Va is seemingly the benchmark for biplane scouts on the German side. The Albatross has easy handling, a good roll rate for a WWI aircraft, standard twin gun arrangement (with optional top mounted gun) and available gunsight modifications. It’s fun and easy to handle and will quickly be a popular sight in Flying Circus if my assumptions are correct.

Both aircraft have beautifully modelled cockpits and the Albatross has some very striking high visibility paint schemes.

Coming very soon

It’s going to be fun to fly them at home on my own rig. Patch is coming tomorrow or Tuesday is the word I have from Jason Williams. A few tweaks needed before going final.

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