Eagle Dynamics teases F-16 Viper trailer

We’ve seen an early video showing off the DCS: F-16C and then a second video with some of its sound effects but it sounds like Glowing Amraam’s latest trailer for the DCS: F-16C will really show off what this new module looks and sounds like in DCS World.

Trailer coming July 19

Next Friday we’ll see the newest promotional trailer from one of Eagle Dynamics’ go to trailer makers – Glowing Amraam. I’ve been watching his trailers for probably ten years or more from back in the Lock On: Modern Combat days and some of his latest efforts are really spectacular.

So I’m pretty excited to see what he can do with the DCS: F-16. Also, it’ll be the first time that we see the enhanced visual effects for the DCS: F-16 in video form. The prior trailer used a model and textures that weren’t as complete so this should be more indicative of the finished product.

For now, all we have is this teaser promo from Eagle Dynamics on their Facebook page.


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  1. arkhamuk says:

    For some reason I’m more hyped for the Falcon than I was for the Tomcat.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I think it goes to show that having multiple high fidelity modules in DCS World far from dilutes the experience. Fans of the F-14, F-16, F/A-18, AV-8B and A-10C flying together is flight sim nirvana as far as I’m concerned.

      So if this is the module that has you hyped. Awesome!


  2. Mischiew Rithe says:

    Looks like it’s Friday next week, but a teaser of a teaser? Aren’t they overdoing things? 😉

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I know the whole teaser of a teaser thing is a bit extra but it does work. If it works for movie companies it can work for Eagle Dynamics.


  3. ZOOMY says:

    I wonder about this too. I felt late last year, and earlier this year, that Razbam was trying to one-up Heatblur. Do you get the impression that Heatblur has raised the bar considerably with their teasers and reveal videos and trailers, and everyone else including the Eagle Dynamics is struggling to match them?

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I think they absolutely did. Heatblur’s production from the product itself to the marketing supporting it has been extremely slick. Eagle Dynamics, RAZBAM and others are definitely playing catchup but IMHO I think we’re all benefiting. For example, the new AV-8B cockpit is excellent!


  4. Eviscerador says:

    And here we go again! Sure Heatblur raised the bar about marketing and hype but to be honest I’m a bit fed up with the whole hype train.

    The tomcat was announced, hyped, carefully marketed with nostalgia and Top Gun vibes, but still most people are flying the hornet because in the end the Cat is a 3rd gen fighter with very limited A/G capabilities and you really need another guy with you to fully enjoy the module.

    In the meantime and after 7 months of the release, we still don’t have the campaign, nor the F14A or any of the promised AI units like the Intruder.

    I really liked the surprise of the A8 and the I16 instead. Some hints on development and suddely “BOOM” new warbird.

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  5. The Doctor says:

    i think i’ll pass , DCS is being too much these days . the Hornet has no TGP yet , NO GUI update no update on the general look of the map , it feels like a dead sim , i know a lot of people will not like what i’m saying , i’m not a pilot i’m a medical doctor but flying is my passion . i wish DCS takes il-2 approach especially when it comes to map and frontlines . so far i can’t gain any info from the current map structure it’s so confusion and shows nothing important like IL-2 maps do + the repetitive delays in updates + dead campaigns .


  6. ZOOMY says:

    You make some good points here, however, I think the problem isn’t that DCS is dead, but, rather that it is growing too fast and too big.


  7. Blue 5 says:

    Not buying – it offers basically the same as the Hornet and M2000 but with fewer HARMs and absence of anti-shipping missiles.

    Also, I don’t like LM.


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