DCS news roundup: MiG-21 afterburner, JF-17 animation, M-2000C changes

Plenty of small updates coming from the DCS World community over the last several days and I thought I’d try and catch everyone up on the latest.

Leatherneck shows off MiG-21bis afterburner

The MiG-21bis has been missing its afterburner effect for a few patches now. It shows on the AI model but not on the player model and apparently Leatherneck has decided that the old one wasn’t cutting it anyways so a new version is in development.

This is all part of the MiG-21bis 2.0 update that Leatherneck is currently working on with enhancements to the jet to ensure that it stays current with DCS World 2.5. Revised interior and exterior geometry will help make sure the aircraft has a long life in DCS World.

Deka Ironworks animated glidebomb

Not many animated GIF’s make it on this blog (they are distracting) but this one I can’t avoid. It shows the JF-17 dropping glide bombs (similar to the JSOW). It gives the appearance that the JF-17 is becoming quite mature.

Deka Ironworks last indicated that release was intended to be summer of 2019. That window is closing fast but we have seen hints of just how far along and complete the JF-17 is. I suspect a surprise launch with this aircraft.

Thanks to r/hoggit members for digging this up and sourcing it.

M-2000C changes committed

From RAZBAM’s Zeus67 on their official Discord, we have the latest information on what changes have been committed to the M-2000C.

M-2000C updates submitted to ED for release:
1. Weapons System Command enabled.
2. Radar search behavior updated to simulate real radar:
2.1. Radar antenna in TWS will not follow locked target.
2.2 Contact icons can disappear if they are not inside the radar sweep.
2.3 Contact icons now display on which bar they are located.
3. Following keybinds are modified:
3.1 Special Modes FWD to Weapons SystemCMD FWD
3.2 Special Modes AFT to Weapons SystemCMD AFT
3.3 Target Unlock/Special Modes Deselect to Weapons SystemCMD Depress


There’s also a follow up from Zeus67 on some miscommunications between their coders and the AdA that will have to be patched again in a future update.

One correction: The radar behavior in TWS mode is the wrong one. Unfortunately it is too late to submit a correction for this week’s release. So the correction will be available on the next update. FYI, here’s how the radar behaves in TWS:
1. The radar bar lines are set at 1.
2. The radar antenna elevation does track the locked target elevation.
3. If the radar search arc is 30 or less, the radar will try to keep the locked target inside the search arc.

This means that all other contacts not at the same elevation of the locked target will be lost. This happened due to a little miscommunication between us and our friends at the AdA. We were working hard to get the Weapons System Command working as intended and did not pay attention to the radar behavior while in TWS and some conversations on the subject were misunderstood, as if we were talking about the color blue, they were talking about chartreuse and the color was actually green. These things happens and we apologize.

As for the triangle, yes it is available but it is incomplete. Right now, it is only available when the MAGIC is slaved to the radar.


Though these updates will be slightly painful at first it seems that RAZBAM’s updates for the Mirage continue and the 2000C is becoming an even more accurate reflection of what the real jet is all about.

Looking forward to getting back into the M-2000C once the changes are complete.


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  1. Jp says:

    The new AB effect looks really good

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