IL-2 launches ‘fall into savings’ sale

The fall sale for the IL-2 series is now underway with the chance to save some money on Collector Planes, Scripted Campaigns, and IL-2: Battle of Moscow! Here’s the details.

Campaigns, Collector planes focused

This sale is focused on Campaigns and Collector Planes rather than the main IL-2 products (which were on sale only a few weeks ago). So this time its a chance to stock up on a few extra Collector Planes or jump into one of the Scripted Campaigns.

There are differences between the IL-2 website store and Steam so pay close attention to your options:

  • Battle of Moscow = 66% OFF (Website Only)
  • All Collector Planes = 50% Off (Including the U-2VS)
  • All Scripted Campaigns = 50% Off (Website Only)

Check these sales out on Steam and on the IL-2 webstore. Or, see Jason’s announcement on the forums.


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