DCS: F-16C arrives October 3! Plus new TGP video!

It’s been an incredible week for flight simming and we’re only at Tuesday. Eagle Dynamics has announced that the DCS: F-16C Viper will be coming to both Steam and the Eagle Dynamics store this Thursday! That’s two days folks!

Ready for Viper

The F-16C Fighting Falcon, but referred only to its other name by it’s pilots, is coming to DCS World and it’s nearly here! The F-16 has been something that Eagle Dynamics has been talking about for over a decade and now after a long wait is finally arriving this week.

We are pleased to announce that DCS: F-16C Viper will be released on our e-Shop and Steam on 03 October 2019! Please note that the pre-order discount from our e-Shop will end then.

Matt Wagner

The pre-order discount will remain live, according to Eagle Dynamics, on their website until Thursday. The current price is $63.99 and will go up to $79.99 once the module releases to early access. The pre-order sale on Steam had expired, however, it has now been reinstated and also goes until Thursday.

Interested? Hit up the Eagle Dynamics e-Shop here and the Steam Store here.

Targeting pod academic video

The F-16 is launching with the Litening targeting pod with its TV and FLIR cameras along with laser designating capability. That means that the F-16 has laser guided, self designated bomb carrying capability right from day one of the early access period. Excellent!

Coming to open beta first

For fans of the jet, if you want first access, you’ll need to switch your DCS World install to open beta. That requires a little trickery when you have the store version (Steam version is far easier) but once done you’ll convert your DCS World install over and you’ll get the very latest.

There’s a handy guide on how to do that here.

Get ready to go!

Of course if you haven’t been following up to now, Matt Wagner’s YouTube channel has nearly a half dozen academic videos on how to get started with the Viper including a cockpit walkaround, tutorials on unguided bombs, and information on how to do an ILS landing. That along with a 100+ page manual mean that you have everything you need to get to your F-16C cockpit and start training on the newest jet in DCS World.

Get ready folks!


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  1. arkhamuk says:

    Woop! Time to crash in something new…

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