Mudspike AMA talks future of DCS World with Matt Wagner

Popular and long running DCS World and flight sim oriented site Mudspike hosted an AMA (ask me anything) with Eagle Dynamics’ Matt Wagner. They asked him some fantastic questions and we all learned a lot about what the future holds for DCS!

A very quick summary

Matt Wagner didn’t hold back on most of the questions and helped outline where Eagle Dynamics is going with DCS World as a product. There are some grand plans for the future and this AMA has me more excited than anything to see what comes next.

Here are a few key highlights and takeaways:

  • New dynamic campaign expected to come to beta in 2021, will have RTS (real time strategy) elements built in including a revamp of features surrounding how ground units move across terrain, AI, etc.
  • New weather and cloud system currently under development that will bring more cloud types and multi-layered cloud structures
  • Built in VOIP system will come in three phases with phase three bringing SRS-like functionality (VOIP will control “radio frequencies via the radio in cockpit”)
  • Naval expansions after Supercarrier will include the Arleigh Burke-class and the Admiral Kuznetsov
  • P-47D likely to come in Q1 2020, other new WWII assets due before end of the year and more WWII content is in the pipeline including the Mosquito (also 2020)

Those are some of the big ones that I pulled out from the list but there is so much more to be said there (more on DCS WWII, Mi-24 Hind, Ka-50, A-10, F-5) and some absolutely fantastic questions were asked. I highly recommend reading every detail over on Mudspike. Check it out!

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  1. Francesco Kasta says:

    I have said it multiple times: ED’s current business model is a slippery slope.

    As they add modules, their maintenance cost will continue to increase. They will need to devote more and more time and resources to fix and update products that are Not making any more money for the company. Eventually, it is going to become so complex (and messy) that the cost of continuously updating and fixing DCS World will be more than the revenue they can bring in with new modules.

    Because of this the Early Access modules are going to be sold and released in a very incomplete status, the Viper confirms this tendency.


  2. Simfan says:

    @Francesco “…the cost of continuously updating and fixing DCS World will be more than the revenue they can bring in with new modules.”
    May be so. So much the better for their customers I would think since … how many companies keep on improving old softwares for free ? (IMHO … yes ED, also 1C with IL-2 GB … do you know some others, Windows 10 maybe … ???)
    That was always my personal involvements with this business model (buying favourite modules that keep improving as well as the game engine) and why I look upon it more like an investment for the future.
    But of course I do understand what you mean … but as long as I don’t look too deep it’s OK.
    Important to me is the fact that ED will eventually even intoduce a DC and Vlukan API !
    I always got more from ED and 1C than I expected (BTW I do not consider myself a fanboy at all, more so since I am a real critic inlife when I feel cheated … but not at all in the case of DCS and IL-2).

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    1. Francesco Kasta says:

      I don’t mean it as a rant, I am actually fine with purchasing early access modules to keep the hobby alive, it just seems to me that they are struggling more and more with each new release and I am genuinely worried that they could go into financial troubles and close up shop. That would suck big time.

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      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        That’s always a concern but I remain optimistic that ED’s financials are doing alright, the core team is pushing forward on new content, new early access aircraft are spotty but ones that have been out for a while are looking good, old products are getting updated (and offering upgrade paths for original owners) and flight sim as a hobby seems to have recently seen an uptick so hopefully there are more buyers.

        Call me an optimist 🙂

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