Updated Chuck’s guide for M-2000C

When it comes to learning new aircraft or relearning an old one, one of the guides that I turn to for training is Chuck’s Guides. These comprehensive documents are sometimes hundreds of pages long yet I find them immensely useful to learning how something works in a way that doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming. Today, Chuck released an updated version of his guide for the RAZBAM M-2000C taking into account all of the recent changes to the module.

Adapting to the new updates

RAZBAM’s overhaul of the M-2000C hasn’t just been a cosmetic one but also a systems update with features that now more closely match the M-2000C currently in service with the French Air Force. Many of the changes requested came directly from the air force and more accurately reflect how the M-2000C works and is operated.

That means training guides need to be updated and Chuck’s is an extensive overhaul. Here’s his change log:

  • Included new cockpit description
  • Expanded radar section & limitations
  • Added INS Precision Bombing tutorial
  • Overhauled Autopilot section
  • Updated Countermeasure section with latest MLO update
  • Updated Radio section with latest MLO update (Greenbox)
  • Cleaned up Weapon & Armament section
  • Added VTB Loadout Display page description
  • Added Takeoff tips
  • Added Navigation tutorials for Markpoints, Waypoint Offset (BAD), and TACAN Offset (VAD)

The page count also jumps from 180 to 240+ according to Chuck in his post on r/Hoggit.

Check out Chuck’s Guides M-2000C update right over here on Mudspike.net.

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  1. Fernando says:

    He is total HERO! (also thanks for this great and informative site. Each day visit it)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Chuck’s work is amazing! And thank you very much!


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