Flight Simulator releases in just hours, first reviews in

Perhaps the biggest and most consequential release of a flight simulator in the better part of a decade is about to happen and depending on where you live in the world will depend on when you can start your downloads. The first reviews from the mainstream gaming press are also coming in so here’s what they are saying so far.Prepare for flight!

The first reviews are in

Blessed with pre-release copies, the mainstream gaming press have apparently had their embargo lifted as their reviews have all started to come out in the last few hours. Let’s have a look at what’s come out so far and what they are saying.

Eurogamer’s review of the new sim draws on a month worth of flying experience that boils down to this sentence.

Over the past month or so, Microsoft Flight Simulator has sent me on a spiral of discovery, exploring the world as well as the often mundane, frequently magical detail of air travel, my appreciation of what Microsoft and Asobo have achieved growing all the while.


The reviewer at IGN has a comprehensive take on the new sim discussing the aircraft, scenery, datacaps and the approachability of the new sim to new virtual pilots. Here’s a notable sentence near the end of the review.

The base game’s 20 included aircraft feel like more than enough for even hardcore aviation enthusiasts, and the ability to adjust the assists to tailor the experience to whatever skill level you desire makes it suitable for anyone looking to fly the friendly skies from the comfort of their home.


PCGamer’s reviewer seemed to have a more negative experience with the new sim reporting frame rate troubles and crashes. How much this is related to the pre-release version, a hardware problem, or a legitimate issue with the sim remains to be seen but here’s their take.

In fact there are certain places in the world I simply can’t fly—New York is off limits, even at the lowest graphical preset, struggling to produce even 20fps. Same goes for Toronto.


These are the first three written reviews and I expect more to come over the next few days.

The Stormbirds review

I thought I would share my plans for Microsoft Flight Simulator related content over the next few weeks. I will be spending as much time with the new sim as I can as soon as I can get access to the release version. As is traditional here, I will be doing my first impressions as well as a more full featured review later on.

Unburdened by any editorial oversight, I will be writing my review based on my experiences and although I’ve had some time with the sim already, I think a longer take on something as big and significant as the new Microsoft Flight Simulator is required. Stay tuned for that!

I’m also planning some cool cross country exploration flights which I will be sharing and documenting as I go. I’m very excited about that so stay tuned!

A variety of release windows

We’re likely about to test the capabilities of the Windows Store servers (and Steam) with the release of Flight Simulator which, for some, starts on the 17th and others on the 18th depending on your location in the world.

The Asobo and Microsoft teams have released a guide showing off when the release will happen in different regions. Read the full list of release times for your zone here.

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