Carenado is bringing a PA-28 Arrow to MSFS

Get ready for dueling PA-28 Arrows as Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to get two over a very short period of time. Carenado has shown off the first screenshots from their PA-28 Cherokee Arrow showing off a slightly different variant of the Arrow. Let’s have a look!

Beautiful screenshots

The latest news comes with Carenado’s characteristically limited information but beautiful screenshots. This is just the latest aircraft in the Carenado pipeline and it looks like they have another beautiful looking aircraft on their hands. We have imagery of both the exterior and interior.

Have a look!

If past aircraft releases from Carenado are anything to go by, it’s likely we’ll see several more screenshots over the next couple of weeks prior to a release into the MSFS Marketplace.

For more, keep an eye on the Carenado Facebook page.

Head to head with Just Flight

We’re about to get some overlap on the PA-28 with both Just Flight and Carenado set to release their take’s on the iconic GA aircraft from Piper. In past cases, Carenado was releasing aircraft that nobody else has tackled yet for the sim, but this time is different. Just Flight has spent a lot of time and effort building their aircraft as surely Carenado has as well. Will they both be roughly the same? Will one have greater system’s depth or a better flight model? These are all interesting questions.

It’ll be interesting to see how things shake out as these two types release – likely within just weeks of each other.

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  1. 1_Robert_ says:

    It’s nice to see the GA planes being developed but I’m eagerly awaiting some more high wing options. I’d love a taildragger Cessna (preferably 180 or 185), and a carbureted 172/182.


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