Flight Journal: A first look at Flying Iron Simulation’s Spitfire IX for MSFS

I’m no stranger to the Spitfire. My bookshelf is overflowing with books about the legendary British fighter. That, together with what is surely thousands of hours of flight sim time over the years on various versions of the Spitfire from the days of Aces Over Europe in the early 1990’s to the most modern renditions in 2021. When word came that Flying Iron Simulations was bringing their Spitfire IX model to Microsoft Flight Simulator, I was interested to see what they could do with the new sim engine in an aircraft that I know like few others. My full review is forthcoming but in the meantime I wanted to do a bit of a first look at the aircraft and walk you through my first flight.

From RAF Coningsby and around Lincolnshire

For my first flight I picked a classic RAF scheme from the liveries list and selected EGXC Coningsby as my departure point. EGXC is also RAF Coningsby which is the home of an active RAF fighter base as well as the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and I thought that was fitting place to take a Spitfire out for my first flight with it.

Starting cold and dark, I used a combination of the in-game checklist, my prior experience with the DCS Spitfire IX and several other tutorials to get it started. After a few hiccups, I was on my way and taxiing the fighter out for a takeoff.

Trimming for flight I headed east towards the seaside town of Skegness and then took the fighter to the west towards Boston before bringing it back in to Coningsby for a landing.

My review will have a full accounting of the aircraft’s performance and handling as well as how it compares to two other modern simulations of the Spitfire IX. Each one has their own quirks but the broad strokes of each are remarkably similar. During the flight I tested the feel of the aircraft, its overall handling attributes, I performed some stalls, and tried to ride the edge of the envelop of this aircraft in ways that I don’t do with some of the GA aircraft. This is a Spitfire after all… an aircraft that is widely regarded as one of the best of WWII with a flying character that was beloved by nearly every pilot who flew it.

Enjoy these screenshots of my flight and get a good first look at this aircraft now available from Flying Iron Simulations for $35 AUD. I’ll be gathering my notes on how it flies and why you might want it in your Microsoft Flight Simulator hangar. Look for that to come soon!



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  1. Paddy says:

    Phil style does a great youtube review of this https://youtu.be/0M7K_GS84a8

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  2. ClannK says:

    Really looking forward to your take on it.

    I watched Phil Style’s YouTube review and thought it was too harsh.

    We’ve got to keep in mind that DCS Spitfire has been out for years, on a simulator that’s been out for many years longer, etc., etc.

    The FIS Spit is version…
    And MSFS is well under a year old – and many refinements to the aero model are needed.

    For e.g., he found justifiable fault with ground handling, esp in regards to rudder authority. I can personally tell you that most of the small planes I’ve tried in MSFS (and in particular the 3rd party ones) have very similar issues.

    Which goes to indicate that at least some of what makes FIS’ Spitfire “less good” than DCS is caused by MSFS itself.

    Also worth keeping in mind is that FIS’ Spitfire is literally half the cost of DCS Spit and A2A Spit.

    In any case, I don’t have all that much time in virtual Spitfires, so hearing from folks like Phil and you will help understand what’s what…

    Even then, I have FIS’ P-38 in X-Plane and LOVE it, so I’ve already gone ahead and bought this Spit. Seems like an excellent VFR aircraft, particularly for exploring the UK and EU.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Thanks ClannK, I’m looking forward to writing the review. I suspect you’re right that some of the issues here are largely because of the immaturity of MSFS. I’ve got some flying to do!


  3. Flyingscotsman says:

    Bought this and have had a quick flight. A very nice rendition, not a study level , but fine for touring MSFS and enjoying the weather. Brake need some adjustment, I didn’t manage to put it on it’s nose. I enjoyed taxi with the hood back and leaning out to follow the taxiway lights. Very happy with it

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