Aerobask’s DA62 gets a big update

One of my favourite GA aircraft for X-Plane 11 is the excellent Aerobask DA62 and I am very excited today because it has just seen a big update. This Diamond twin engine aircraft is easily one Aerobask’s best aircraft for X-Plane 11 and is also one of their most popular according to the developers so it is no surprise that it’s seeing some updates. Here’s what we know!

Synthetic vision here we come

The most recent G1000 equipped Aerobask aircraft have all been added with some newer X-Plane technology that incorporates synthetic vision into the G1000 display. You’ve seen it on types like the Phenom 300 and now its coming to the DA62 with version 2.0r.

According to the announcement from Aerobask, the new version 2 replaces the old version in the Skunkcraft Updater and is free to existing users. In addition to synthetic vision, the aircraft also has a tweaked flight model, updated FMOD sound pack, new ECU logic, softer reflections and new passenger models. Also, sadly, librain suport has been dropped as the technology doesn’t work well in the X-Plane 11.5x versions. Hopefully if/when this aircraft jumps to X-Plane 12 it will support the new windscreen rain technology there.

Here’s the full change log:

  • Fixed feathering logic
  • Fixed chocks/cones button not changing label
  • Fixed MD302 knob crashing code
  • Fixed custom load manager ignoring pax/bags config
  • Known issue: if ECU A is disabled, ECU test for B has to wait for ECU A duration before starting
  • Fixed right door animation
  • Manuals updated/added
  • Adjusted empty mass
  • New ground options panel
  • New option for cockpit builders: bezel-less MD302 popups
  • DA62 revised flight model by X-Aerodynamics:
    • FM is EFM by default
    • All-new airfoils based on new data
    • Improved polar creation techniques
    • All flying surfaces upgraded including wings, tail, and props
    • SFC re-tuned to get fuel consumption just right
    • Body drag fine-tuned to get performance dialled back in
    • Tail and wing geometry revised
  • Updated fmod sound pack for GPWS and GCU
  • Fixed O2 gauge
  • Fixed regression on G1000 popups manipulators
  • Proper G1000 PFD popup bezel
  • New ECU logic: power/idle function of altitude
  • Fixed ECU test sequence (2 times each channel)
  • Fixed vvi indicator on pfd with SV
  • Fixed ANNUN TEST behavior (see DEICE checklist)
  • New passengers
  • New options (reset SASL, reset breakers, G1000 stuff)
  • New outside manipulator for doors and chocks
  • Softer reflections
  • Dropped librain support
  • Dropped experimental FPL mouse/keyboard support
  • GCU476 with popup and physical keyboard support
  • Synthetic Vision on PFD (optional)
  • PFD Enhancements
  • Oil temp tweaked to stay within limits
  • X1000 popups compatible with ‘Forward view with nothing’
  • New version numbering

View the official announcement from Aerobask here and be sure to check out the DA62 on the Store here. I also wrote a lengthy review of the Aerobask DA62 recently so be sure to look at that too.


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