New images of the Gotha G.V, 0-400, Tripe, and upcoming updates for IL-2

There’s a bunch of great screenshots and new information coming from 1CGS today as part of their Developer Diary updates. Included in the information are updates on what new content is planned for the next couple of patches and some terrific screenshots of the remaining three Flying Circus aircraft. Let’s have a look!

Tripe, 0-400 and Gotha G.V on display

Let’s do the eye candy first because it’s really good. Three aircraft for Flying Circus Vol 2 remain in the development cycle and they are the Sopwith Triplane, the Handley Page 0/400 and the Gotha G.V.

The Gotha is a twin engine bomber, heavy by WWI standards, with a sizeable bombload and some fairly unique and challenging handling. All of this plus its considerable size and two gunner stations makes this aircraft and impressive beast of a bomber.

Not to be outdone, the Royal Flying Corps had an answer to the Gotha G.V in the form of the Handley Page 0/400. With similar size, dimensions and role, these two aircraft are sure to transform WWI air battles in Flying Circus.

Also on display today is the Sopwith Triplane! The Tripehound or Tripe as pilots began to nickname it saw a brief period of success from early 1917 through to the middle part of the year before it was almost entirely replaced by the Camel. With its tight turning radius and high climb rate, German squadrons rated the Tripe as better than the Albatross D.III and so impressed were they with the enemy fighter that aircraft designers answered the Triplane with designs of their own. The Fokker Dr. I going on to success and fame.

The Gotha G.V is the most complete of the three in 1CGS’ pipeline and is planned to come in the next update. That update is due before the end of the month.

The 0/400 and Triplane are still being worked on and are expected to arrive in an update coming sometime in March.

Other status updates

The developer diary also gives us a window into the development process for some other features. The Western Front map, under development by Ugra Media for Flying Circus Vol 2 and 3, is not yet ready to show off yet and may be delayed a bit longer than expected.

The Ju88C-6 meanwhile is progressing well and although it too sounds like it has been delayed somewhat, it is expected to enter beta testing soon and arrive in the next update if all goes well. Skins are being finalized and screenshots should be available next week showing it off in its nearly final state.

The new sky technology, shown off just last week, looks to be making great progress too and is expected to enter beta testing soon. We’re also learning that the “astro-dome” that helps give IL-2 it’s night sky including stars, moon, and even eclipses is being updated to be more accurate from different regions of the world.

Finally, two new USAAF bomber crew member models have been completed and are looking spectacular!

For all of this and more, check out the latest update!


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