New update shows details of the 757-200/300 for MSFS

Just Flight and BlueBird Simulations announced the 757-200 and 300 for Microsoft Flight Simulator back in February. Since then, the team appears to have been really busy as a new developer update show off some impressive screenshots on this narrow-body airliner. Let’s have a look!

First update since announcement

In their first developer update since the initial announcement, Just Flight and BlueBird have been busy working on a number of items for the 757. They report steady progress on the model and systems as well as flight dynamics. Visually, the aircraft now has sharper textures and more detailed components. They also report that the exterior model is now about 50-60% complete.

Progress sounds good, however, they also say that it will be several months before they can give more details on those aspects of the project.

As announced, the 757 is coming in two versions with the -200 passenger version and -300 freight with both Rolls Royce and P&W engines. Realistic animations, 4K PBR, custom ground equipment, realistic wing-flex, a realistic VNAV and FMC that can be linked to the MSFS flight planning system and many more are all planned.

Check out the latest developer update on Just Flight’s website and keep an eye on that area as BlueBird Simulations intend to offer updates ever 4-6 weeks as the project progresses.


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