ED spotlights AVIRON’s DCS: Kfir plus other DCS updates

The march towards having a more comprehensive collection of Cold War-era aircraft continues with Eagle Dynamics putting a spotlight on developer AVIRON and their DCS: Kfir project. Plus we get a nice look at the latest updates on the AI B-1 bomber model. Let’s have a look!

Kfir on its way to DCS World

At the beginning of this year I put AVIRON on my unconfirmed developers/modules list for the Stormbirds DCS World 2022 roadmap. The work on display in their Discord showed some impressive progress. Now they are taking a step forward as Eagle Dynamics shines a spotlight on what is now a confirmed third party developer for DCS World.

This week’s DCS World Weekend News update shows us some preview images (plus there are more in the screenshots section) and talks both about the aircraft and the work that AVIRON has been doing to bring it to life in DCS World.

ED reports that the developer is working external and internal systems and flight model making use of aerodynamic research, wind tunnel data, and CFD modeling.

As you can see in the below screenshots, their work not only on the 3D modeling but texturing is also coming along beautifully.

Let’s talk Kfir history

The Kfir, for those less familiar with it, is based on the Mirage V. Israel, dealing with arms embargos, reverse engineered the basic Mirage V and added their own flavour of avionics, weapons, and engines to make this unique aircraft. Powered by the GE-J79E engine (the same engine that was powering their F-4 Phantoms), the aicraft had extensive changes to the wing, fuselage, avionics, and even added canards up at the front.

This is a multi-role all weather aircraft. It was armed with DEFA 30mm cannons, Sidewinder, Shafrir, or Python air-to-air missiles, the Kfir could also carry a mix of bombs, rockets, Durandal, and Paveway LGBs. Some could carry the Shrike ARM and the AGM-65 Maverick.

Kfir’s are still in use today by Colombia and Sri Lanka. They are also flown by ATAC in the US as privately contracted aggressor aircraft operator. It’s formerly flown with Israel and Ecuador.

So, if the Mirage F1 wasn’t enough Mirage for you then the Kfir should help fill a still unique area of that Cold War era aircraft experience.

B-1B and other updates

This week we get another look at some human character animation with this one being a solider climbing to a higher surface. DCS World ground level details appear to be taking further steps forward.

Then we switch gears and see the latest B-1B Lancer AI model updates. Extreme levels of detail including texture work are all on display here. Its part of an effort that Eagle Dynamics says is coming to improve their older AI models.

Read about all of this and more over on the DCS World Weekend News update.


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  1. “Time to die, Iron Eagle!” …. “Ahhgghhhhh!!!”

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  2. CanadaOne says:

    The B-1 looks good.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Yeah! Very shiny… in a matte sort of way 😊


  3. Comox says:

    It’s ColOmbia by the way 😉


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Thank you for the correction! Showing my Canadianess with the spelling. 😊


  4. Baltic Dude says:

    Kfir was also used to develop South Africa’s Atlas Cheetah which I hope will receive South African skins

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That sounds like a nice bonus. They should definitely do that.


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