DCS lighting, AH-64D report, F/A-18C campaign and virtual airshow

This week’s DCS World Weekend News update is jam packed with a bunch of different items including a report on the DCS: AH-64D’s progress, news on the real-time lighting systems being trialled on the DCS: Persian Gulf map, a new DCS: F/A-18C campaign, and news on the upcoming VIAF 2022 virtual airshow. Lots to cover so let’s go.

Persian Gulf lighting update

Eagle Dynamics have, for a while now, made use of their DCS: Persian Gulf map as a testbed for lighting updates. With the massive cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi offering good opportunities to test sophisticated lighting for suburbs, key landmarks, port facilities and more, it makes sense that they have focused their efforts here before expanding the technology outward.

Real time lighting is where individual lights actually cast light onto objects nearby rather than being “baked” into a texture. This has the advantage of illuminating nearby objects leading to a more realistic scene. It also means that those airport lights that never seemed to light up your cockpit will now do so.

In this development progress report, Eagle Dynamics report that they are continuing to work on their real-time lighting technology and have made updates to several ports, some oil tankers, and rural houses. This is all coming in the next update.

AH-64D updates

Released earlier in the year, DCS: AH-64D is getting a series of updates. We’ve already seen Matt Wagner give us a tutorial on moving image tracking. The next Open Beta will also bring in a 3D-animated pilot and co-pilot/gunner models in the first person perspective, auto-track and multi-target track sub-mode, and the PERF (performance) page will read a completed state. There’s also improvements to the flight model and flight control system and Eagle Dynamics say that they aren’t stopping on that area either with “further work planned.” Good!

There’s also word that the DCS: AH-64D is one step closer to being available as part of the Free Trial Program.

Next year, AGM-114L radar-guided Hellfire missiles and the improved data modem (IDM) for networked operations will be made available. The options for auxiliary fuel tank or extra gun ammunition will also become available. We’re also apparently set to see the beginning of the Fire Control Radar early next year.

New Hornet campaign

Created by Badger633, the ‘Rise of the Persian Lion II’ campaign is set to become available around the time of the next Open Beta. This sequel campaign is set on the DCS: Persian Gulf map onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln with an immersive set of linked missions. No word on the exact number of missions but hopefully we’ll see that at release time.

Virtual airshow time

The International Virtual Airshow VIAF 2022 will be happening this December 10 and 11. The show will feature 56 of the best virtual aerobatic teams from around the world.

The show will include 26 hours of aerobatics, interview with an ex-Hornet pilot, giveaways and more. Everything will be streamed live on the Virtual Airshow Festival Twitch.TV account and also broadcasted live from the Clin d’Ailes aviation museum.

All of this and more on the DCS World Weekend News update.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    I do like the new map lighting. Was hoping for some BS3 action this week, but if the F-15E is put off until 2023, the BS3 might be our Christmas gift. I’d be very surprised if the F-4 comes out before the BS3.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Urgent Siesta says:

      Sadly, no Strike Eagle in 2022 – confirmed by Razbam.


  2. Urgent Siesta says:

    I almost never fly on PG any longer and realized I hadn’t checked out all the new effects.

    Flew the ramp start Instant Action and immediately noted the blindingly bright “white” desert light, which is far more intense (and realistic) than it used to be.

    Set up a quick, low threat CAP mission for Hornet at 0000hrs. In short, Frogfoots are hard to see in the dark, but the new city lighting effects look really nice!
    The Burj Khalifa even has white anti-collision lights now and they look cool (could be wrong, but I don’t remember these from before…)

    There were broken clouds at about 10k, so I cruised there down to Al Dhafra for a night VFR landing, and yeah, it was nicely atmospheric all the way.
    Will have to try it again in Hind to get a better feel down low 🙂

    And of course, the after-landing cherry on top was pulling up under a lamp post and watching as the Hornet was properly lit up!

    I understand Razbam have already updated South Atlantic, so I guess I’ll venture there next 🙂

    p.s., also noted that FPS on my 3 year old Ryzen was somewhat higher than it used to be, and definitely much higher than on XP/MSFS. Perhaps that’s some of the LoD improvements or some such, but at the very least, the new effects haven’t negatively affected the performance of the map.

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  3. CanadaOne says:

    Just to mention, Deephack gave Stormbirds a nice plug on his Saturday live stream today. Second or third time he’s done that at least. And he has a good show.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Nice! I must watch!


  4. Glide says:

    Night lighting is coming along nicely. Still, dogfighting over the ocean at night is spooky and disorienting. I went up at 4am with a full moon. It will be nice when the ocean is visible at night. Also, the distant roads and cities don’t show up yet.

    Liked by 1 person

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