DCS: Black Shark 3 is out plus other DCS updates

Another venerable DCS World module has taken a leap forward today. DCS: Black Shark 3, a detailed simulation of the Ka-50 attack helicopter, is now out and ready for you to fly on your PC. There’s also a new patch out today with a ton of updates. Let’s have a look at it all!

Priced for an easy upgrade

The first release of the Black Shark is from the very beginning of the DCS World era and was one of the first instances of a combat flight sim using clickable cockpits to manipulate a far deeper systems set than most of us had seen up until that point.

Black Shark 2 helped bring the module into the DCS era and now Black Shark 3 takes things a step further bringing it up to the most modern simulation standards. Eagle Dynamics lists several key new features with the Black Shark 3 including a more realistic INS simulation, new missile warning sensors, new IGLA air-to-air missiles on new pylons, and an all new exterior model made to modern visual standards.

According to Eagle Dynamics, current owners of Black Shark 3 are eligible to upgrade to Black Shark 3 for $9.99 USD until mid March 2023. After that the upgrade price goes to $19.99 USD. New owners can purchase Black Shark 3 for $69.99 USD.

Note: For clarity sake I have amended the opening paragraph to state that the original Black Shark release was at the beginning of DCS World rather than immediately before it.

DCS World updates

The latest DCS World Open Beta patch is out and this one has a very extensive patch list.

Recent features talked about for the DCS: F-16C and DCS: AH-64D are all in, new features have been added to the DCS: Mi-24 (including engine surge effect when firing rockets), a list of fixes for both DCS: M-2000C and AV-8B, and very long list for the DCS: MB-339 including the addition of a whole bunch of new key-binds. Even DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark 2 gets a crash bug fixed.

DCS: Persian Gulf and DCS: South Atlantic both get updates too. Persian Gulf picks up the recent lighting updates that Eagle Dynamics have been testing out while South Atlantic gets new details in several different sections of the map.

Heatblur too have provided a few updates and fixes to the F-14 and AJS-37 although the recently discussed Viggen updates don’t appear to be in this update. Update: The patch notes have been updated to reflect a series of updates for the AJS-37 including the planned updates. Nice!

Check all of these out right here!

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  1. CanadaOne says:

    That’s my baby! $12.81 for the upgrade. very nice.

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  2. sunrrrise says:

    “The first release of the Black Shark is from the era before DCS World and was one of the first instances of a combat flight sim using clickable cockpits to manipulate a far deeper systems set than most of us had seen up until that point.”

    Actually it is not true.

    Firstly, DCS Black Shark was advertised as initial module for a multi-aircraft/multiplayer platform and ED stated that multiples times in the introduction to the manual of Black Shark. Basically, DCS World was funded over failse advertisement to say the least.

    “The underlying DCS program will be updated over time and each module will be compatible with DCS as it evolves. DCS is a living product.”

    “With the inclusion of later DCS modules, we do however expect head-to-head multiplayer to be an important part of DCS.”

    “We hope you enjoy your time with DCS: Black Shark and follow the progress of DCS as we add functionality and features to the product over time and add new aircraft modules.”

    Also, it is not true that DCS was one of the first simulators that had clickable cockpit. Falcon 4.0, MSFS series, B-17 The Mighty Eight II (all aicrafts had clickable cockpits, not only B-17!), Rowan’s Battle Of Britain and so on. No, history of flight simulators has not started with DCS.

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    1. Blue 5 says:

      I don’t think he meant that DCS was the progenitor of all modern flight sims, more that its features and elements have a long lineage.

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      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Yep, Blue has it on the money. There was a growing collection of sims around that time that started to use deep systems modeling and clickable cockpits. Black Shark was among them. I could have phrased it a bit differently.


    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hi Sunrrrise, I did some extra reading on it and it appears to be the first aircraft that was released with any mention of DCS World so I have amended the statement.

      The second part is still true in the big picture sense and that’s what I was going for. It wasn’t the first but it was among that growing wave.

      I don’t think I’ve ever stated that the history of flight simulators started with DCS.

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  3. Urgent Siesta says:

    Woo Hoo! only cost me $3 with Miles 🙂

    Haven’t done anything but steal a few mins to look around at the new model. So far, so good!

    I noticed in Growling Sidewinder’s intro video that among other extreme detail, ED have taken the time to animate the cannon rounds feeding while firing (similar to Apache) – sweet!

    Also interesting note from that vid that AI Apache seems to be built like a tank. Took FOUR Iglas plus a couple cannon rounds to down!

    Which given the number of times an Igla has tagged me in other modules must be a bug on the AI Apache damage model.

    Anyhow, seems like the realism has been turned up a few notches across several helos – more challenge = more fun 🙂

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  4. butcher75 says:

    I have to draw a line in the sand here and mention that that I brought it once ,then bs2 came out so I reluctantly paid again. Not a third time. This is a trend.( A10C ) This hobby is way to expensive as it is. This will be the way they do everything from now on, buy the apache ? congratulations the apache 2 with slightly different (or just finished Module) is coming. As new people get into the hobby the old modules keep selling so there is no excuse for the extra price just greed. DCS needs competition to keep them honest.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I think I would be particularly concerned if features were promised in a very specific roadmap (and not implied or hinted at) and then both not delivered and then intended to be paid for later. I don’t think that’s happened here but then I haven’t been as closely following the Black Shark from day one… I came in later.

      I also think that I’d be very concerned if Black Shark 2 became deprecated. I still see A-10C owners out there flying alongside their friends in the A-10C II and I think that will probably go on for a while. Guessing that will happen here too.

      I think $10 USD is a reasonable upgrade price. If they asked for more than that, I think I would feel less inclined to do it.

      I do agree, however, that Eagle Dynamics and DCS World definitely needs the competition. The modules I’m pretty satisfied with but the core of the sim needs some updates and I think it goes well beyond just a tech upgrade. We need more and better gameplay opportunities. I’ve got an article coming about that!

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    2. Mr_Blastman says:

      So you expect them to add completely new systems that were not part of the original product and work for free? That doesn’t seem right…


      1. butcher75 says:

        See reply Below.


  5. butcher75 says:

    First of all I have never liked Early access model it invites to much Frustration and in some cases Enmity. Never really knowing what your getting because of “Subject to Change” the Almost Termination Clause of DCS world for lack of a better term. Modules are Said to be coming with or hinted at such and such a feature only to not then be in the product .Some seemingly valid and unavoidable some not so.

    So paid upgrades. Then the F5 paid upgrade, MIG 15 , F86 , UH1 so on and so on. It all adds up! I have every module except the now dead and buried Hawk T1A, MB339( I have enough trainers, great job though Indiafoxecho) Christen Eagle II ( not my cup of tea) Multiple wonderful Campaigns , Supercarrier ,Asset pack etc .( As well as Thousands of Dollars of Hardware and looking into win wings Top gun MIP, Sigh My poor wallet)

    So it is fair to say I am in for the long haul and have supported these people making this wonderful sim. As for the Free to play , Sure is expensive. Keep in mind multiple Nationality’s now play this great Sim and not all Currency’s are created equal. $10 bucks to us might seem trivial but not to everyone. I just want more people in the hobby. Let’s keep it accessible ED!

    I think it would be fair to give people who own the module the graphical update free and if people want the extra Doo Dads then it’s up to them whether to pay extra. We must keep an close eye on these though as no one wants a pay to win type of situation to occur.

    As with the core experience for the love of GOD Bring the world to life with that promised Dynamic Campaign.


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