Magnitude-3 again teases A6M Zero

A new banner on the Magnitude-3 Facebook page shows off the DCS: F4U Corsair with all of the beautiful details that it’s packing and another aircraft. Let’s have a quick look!

Zero appears again

For years, Magnitude-3 has been teasing an A6M Zero to go up against the F4U Corsair. It’s not completely clear if the Zero is intended to be a future follow-up project or purely an AI aircraft but it is something they have been teasing for years now.

We got a small look at the aircraft last year and now we have a much better view.

The shorter rounded wingtips appear to shown A6M5 or A6M5a variant that would be a close contemporary with the F4U-1D.

Creating the core of a Pacific experience

It is good to see this move forward as the F4U Corsair releasing on its own (together with the USS Essex-class carrier) only starts to move us towards the Pacific theatre.

A Zero makes a substantial move towards creating a nucleus of content together with the F6F Hellcat that Eagle Dynamics has teased. To make the time period of the Marianas battles fit, we’ll need to see more aircraft such as the TBM Avenger, SB2C Helldiver, B6N ‘Jill’ and D4Y ‘Judy.’

We’ll see in time what the content plan is for this theatre.


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  1. Osskozzot says:

    I think if ED focus on WW2 Pacific theater, that would set them apart from Il-2 who said they won’t/can’t do pacific…
    I’m not a fan of the DCS WW2, but a full pacific theater (maps, planes, assets {boat, subs, carrier}) would make me buy the modules for sure.
    Time will tell…

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  2. Percy Danvers says:

    I’m more hyped for this than any of the other big ticket items right now (with the possible exception of the La-7)


    1. Kevin says:

      This. Please this, ED. DCS Forever struggles with “what’s the point-itis” and the current WWII offering centered around 44/45 ETO very much feels like a half-baked attempt at competing with IL2 Normandy/Bodenplatte. The IL2 team has made it clear at this point they plan to move on from the Great Battles series to something new and they will not be doing a PTO module. ED Needs to recognize this and capitalize on it if they want to succeed with their WWII offering. The community is so hungry for a PTO WWII experience it seems like a no brainer.

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  3. FlyingFrog says:

    Love the visceral close quarters combat of WW2 flight. Very positive direction on this. Tbh I’d be happy with a smaller roster of planes though the thought of a TBM Avenger and who knows a full fidelity Catalina, would really round out the experience. Not likely I know, but a man can dream.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Something like the Avenger would be high on my list. Definitely!


  4. Urgent Siesta says:

    we can only hope that there is a Japanese carrier to go along with the Zero 🙂


  5. beggyg says:

    Dogfighting the zero in a corsair would be an absolutely amazing taste of the two competing philosophies of fighter combat in WW2.


  6. B12 says:

    I hope the Zero makes an appearance, it would be a start, this era of warfare has been ignored to a terrible degree by the folk best equipped to do it.


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