FSS E-Jets update video summarizes fixes

Flight Sim Studio AG’s Embraer E-Jets E170/175 attracted both a lot of attention as well as criticism at launch with their Microsoft Flight Simulator airliner. Not yet developed features, performance problems, and an early access model all contributed. Now they have released several updates to the project and they have put out a new video detailing what they have been up to. Let’s have a look.

Recap of updates

Turning once again to AviationLads for beautiful cinematics, Flight Sim Studio AG provided us with a summarized update on what they have been doing with their E-170/175 project for Microsoft Flight Simulator. One of the big updates is the move to the web assembly platform for the jet which other developers have been using to boost performance on their complex avionics.

New features include the addition of the E170 to the package, new EFB options like Simbrief import, departure and performance calculation, a vertical profile capability in the avionics, improved performance of the class cockpit, wheel brake temperature simulation, and a huge list of fixes.

Although FSS have rightly taken on some criticism with this product, they appear to also have stuck with their goal of delivering regular bi-weekly updates to the product and to addressing the huge list of issues that they started with. LNAV and VNAV support is suggested as coming sooner than later in the video description which will likely make a lot of folks happier about the status of the product.

Listen in on the video and visit the Flight Sim Studio AG website for more information on the product. It’s currently available via their website, the marketplace and Aerosoft.


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