Matt Wagner previews radar guided Hellfire for DCS: AH-64D

The DCS: AH-64D is about to get some added flexibility with the addition of the AGM-114L Hellfire. A new video from Matt Wagner walks us through the features and gives us a brief demonstration of how to use the new weapon.

“Lima” time

The Hellfire “Lima” comes with its own millimetre wave radar useful for locking on, tracking and destroying targets. Check out Matt’s video as he walks us through some of the features and uses for the weapon including the ability to lock on-to and destroy parked and moving vehicles and even slow flying helicopters.

I found this video fascinating as I had wrongly assumed that the AGM-114L would only arrive together with the AH-64D’s Longbow radar but as it turns out the missile can be directed to targets without the use of an external radar system. How the Longbow radar functionality plugs into and enhances this weapon will be very interesting to see.

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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Not sure I’ll ever have the brain cells or the time to really learn this module. But I’m sure the guys who are dedicated to it are having a blast.

    My chopper time is for the Black Shark. 🙂

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  2. Urgent Siesta says:

    Ha ha – you and me both assumed it’s a Fox 1 when it’s really a Fox 3!!

    I’m still all about Hind & Hokum, so Apache is just an occasional thing for me. The forthcoming LongBow radar may change my mind – we’ll see.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      IT was a surprise! I’m not flying helicopters too much right now aside from the Hind (review eventually coming) but the Apache is really coming together now.


  3. Blue 5 says:

    I content myself with flying the Huey around the Golan, so Apache is likely a long way in the distance.

    Buuuuut, I now have VA working so slow progress in managing the complex modules in VR. I can imagine it is invaluable for these sort of complex beasts, and I have only scratched the surface.


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