This VKB MCG Gunfighter review goes above and beyond

VKB’s MCG (Modern Combat Grip) is now shipping along with their excellent Gunfighter base. This combination of joystick and base is highly anticipated by both flight sim and space sim pilots. Reviews are slowly coming out but I’ve never seen one like this before.

This joystick review by Maksim Savelev goes above and beyond. He’s a pilot as well as a flight sim enthusiast so this is someone who understands what flight sim pilots need and he brings real world experience that many of us lack.

This review is a pretty decent overview of the build quality, basic features, and overall feel of VKB’s MCG Gunfighter flight stick but its also an interesting indicator on just how close it is to behaving like a real flight stick in real aircraft.

This is worth a watch even if you aren’t in the market for a new stick!

And of course if you’re interested in the Gunfighter base or MCG flight stick, visit the VKB website for details. There are North American, Europe and Russian websites to visit depending on where you’re coming from.

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