RAZBAM August update

Taking a page from some of the other third party DCS developers, RAZBAM is starting their own monthly update series but they are taking it a step further with a video featuring their latest work as well as interviews with their team. Their inaugural August video update is now online to watch and listen to.

An overview and an interview

RAZBAM’s new video series starts off with an overview of the work that they have been doing for the past few months (seeing as this is the first in the series) and it follows up with a bit of a look at what is coming next. It finishes off with an interview of RAZBAM president Ron Zambrano.

The video is a good summary of everything they are up to and their current priorities. The AV-8B is still very much on their priority list and the M-2000C has not fallen off to the wayside either. Many of their other projects also get a good mention and some time so it’s a good listen and worth checking out if you’re interested in what this third-party developer for DCS is busy doing!


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  1. Michael Dwyer says:

    Yeah, that was a pretty cool update and I hope the do keep it up. the AV-8 RWR setup looks good.

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